26 October 2017

Your New Mcdonalds

I love McDonald's and everyone I know loves them too. You might be out shopping and will nip in for lunch or you might not feel up to cooking dinner so will stop in for easiness. You might be so hungover the only fix is a big mac meal and 20 chicken nuggets with a large irn brew (that's my cure) or your popping in with the kids for a little treat after school, everyone can relate and it fits in with so many our lives. 

I was asked along to my local McDonald's to find out all the exciting new features and changes that is happening at the moment. I was curious, I've never really thought past ordering my meal. I'm guilty of using the drive through for quickness or wondering how much longer I need to wait on my meal. I've never really gave anything else a thought. 

I visited along with some other bloggers to the Newbridge, Edinburgh branch and met with the lovely communications team, Elliot the franchise manager of that branch and several others. My favourite part of the day was hearing how passionate they were and how much they loved all the new changes. They were excited and are really embracing all the new features. 

What's new at McDonalds?

Digital experience with self-service kiosks and tablets available

One of the main features you notice when you walk in is the new self service kiosks. There are so many benefits to ordering digitally. 

  • Very helpful for families as kids can interact and help pick what they want.
  • Customising your order which ensures you have your meal exactly how you wish.
  • You can change the language settings. 
  • Very visual which makes your ordering experience more fun and interactive. 
  • You can take your time.
I was impressed at how many tablets were available which is such a great idea for kids. I know how crazy it can get even taking Oliver out in public so anything to keep him amused is a bonus. It's great if you just want to catch up on the news or have a scroll through Facebook. You can also have a look at any nutritional information, community news and apply for jobs.

Table-service availability
You can now have your meal delivered to your table. It's like every other restaurant which is great. If you use the kiosk and select table service at the end of your order, select what zone you want to sit in and this will tell the crew where to deliver your meal including a hostess who will deliver any condiments and straws/napkins. No need to que at all. 

Revolutionised kitchen design – with fast service and freshly prepared food
All food is now made to order. As soon as you place your order at the till or kiosk it will pop up on a screen in the kitchen and the staff will get to work preparing your meal. Gone are the days of burgers and chips sitting in a line waiting to be picked. Everything is fresh, super fresh. They only add in salt and pepper which makes a massive difference to the end taste. 

Then it was my turn. I had no idea what to expect going into a McDonald's kitchen but to be honest it was nothing like how I imagined. It flowed really well, everything was mega clean and everyone was fast. In I went with my new apron, hat, name badge and hairnet. I looked the best I've ever looked to be fair. Hairnets are something else. The pros gave us a quick demo and there I was toasting buns, using the big mac sauce gun and getting all technical with the condiments. 

McDonald's have put so much thought into sourcing their ingredients, preparing their food and making everything so much easier for their customers. It flows well which makes the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Disclosure - This is a sponsored post. Thank you to all the lovely team who made us feel so welcome.

8 October 2017

My Top 3 Picks From Warehouse

My style has changed and matured so much over the past year and I really love it. The key pieces on my rail at the moment are all from Warehouse. I never get a chance to go shopping anymore but when I do I always end up there. If I'm online shopping I always check out their new collections.

They have so much to offer but what draws me back every time is their structure. I really love clean cut styles that I can carry through the seasons. That's not all they have though. They have a massive dress collection with lots of floral dresses, LBDs and shirts styles. Below I've added some of my favourite things from Warehouse this season.

The Blazer 
I am mildly obsessed with jackets, coats & blazers. I'm on the hunt for the perfect check blazer but I came across this textured grey blazer and there's something about it that really caught my attention. I love the over sized, slouchy fit and if worn with the matching trousers it's such an easy go to look. I would probably wear this with my Stan Smiths or Vans. I can already see me wearing it so if it can magically appear in my wardrobe that would be great.

I bought my first pair of culottes a few months ago and they were from Warehouse. I tried on so many pairs and none of them were quite right. My warehouse ones are the perfect fit and so many people ask where they're from. If I was to buy a second pair they would defiantly be from here and these ones are pleated so slightly different from my current ones. They are mega versatile and I wear them with everything. Casual mostly for me since I don't go out much but they are easy day to night wear.

Shirt Dress
I've been looking at this dress online for a while and sadly my size has sold out (cry). However, it's in the sale and you need to go look! I love everything about shirt dresses. This one has the perfect amount of structure but with the peplum hem it gives it the feminine edge it needs. This would look so fab with a pair of tights, black pointy shoes and an over sized coat. It's navy which I'm ok with but if it was black I would be extra keen. Please come back in stock. Please.

I'll leave you with my top 3 picks but if you head over to the website you can check out the new season. Love you Warehouse xox

*collaborative post