8 July 2017

Why have I started taking mirror selfies?

I usually like to change what I put on Instagram depending on what's going on out with social media. I've started putting up more outfit pictures taken by me in front of the mirror. I'll try explain why.

When I started blogging I really loved putting outfits together and writing about them. My life has massively changed and I can't express myself in the same way. Social media has changed and so has blogging. Less people are reading and more people want to see things more instantly. That's what I'm doing anyway. 

As a mother it's painfully annoying for someone that loves fashion and styling so much to just throw on a pair of jeans and the same t shirt everyday. It's easy and quick therefore it works but it's not necessarily what I would like. 

Taking a photo of my outfit on Instagram instead of blogging is giving me that self expression that I used to love. It's allowing me to look into my wardrobe and pull together clothes in a different way. Probably much the same everyday but still styling slightly different. It's a quick way to enjoy clothes through Instagram as I am a very visual person. I like to see the end result. I guess this isn't really about anyone else other than sharing the same love for styling clothes.

To everyone else it may come across as anything other than the above but to me it's giving me back something that I used to love doing so much and making me think a little more about myself and what I like before I have a full day of being mummy.

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  1. It must be a tough job to be a mother. I see my mom with her responsibilities and doing all the chores then looking into the house and keeping a check on our lives. you giys definitely deserve a time out and some leisure time for your own self and enjoy. keep writing and more and more pictures too.