11 March 2017

Guilty pleasures at The Blythswood Square Hotel

It was our anniversary this week and we were celebrating a whole 5 years together. With a baby on the scene it meant we wanted to celebrate even more. 

I was invited to experiance the new 'Guilty pleasures package' at the Blythswood Square hotel in Glasgow. We had an over night stay booked anyway along the road so it fitted in perfect with our evening. 

The Blythswood has such a good reputation and we were really excited to try it out. 

We were seated in the beautiful salon bar on the first floor which is perfect for light bites and cocktails. The staff are so friendly and really made us relax into our evening. 

The new 'Guilty Pleasures package' includes 
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Jenga chips with truffle mayo
  • Sesame glazed sausages with BBQ sauce 
  • Panko crusted confit pork fritters with pickle and grain mustard mayo
(Vegetarian and gluten free options available too) 

When I first seen the menu I did think 'oh god I'll need a burger afterwards' but I was wrong. We were both quite surprised how filling the light bites were. We didn't need any more food as it filled us up enough for our night ahead. 

First up the Jenga chips and truffle mayo. Perfectly crisp. They were really lovely and would have happily ate them all night. Truffle mayo is a new thing for me but it went really well together. 

The sausages were really good. I'm usually quite fussy with sausages as I find they usually have a weird taste but these were normal good sausages. Can you tell I'm really talented at reviewing food? 

The pork fritters were a surprise actually. I let Fraser try them first and he said they tasted really nice. They were like a pork fish cake but obviously no fish because it's pork. You should go try them because they are crunchy deliciousness. 

We were both nervous about the champagne as we are definitely rum drinkers but we both agreed it was a pleasant bottle and would have it again. 

We assumed with light bites we would have been in and out in half an hour but we were so relaxed we stayed much longer. A few hours went by whilst we were sipping champagne, nibbling away at our treats and having a much needed catch up. 

I would say this package is perfect for a snack before a night out or if your catching up with someone and your looking for a beautifully relaxed day/evening then this would work really well. 

Available Sunday - Friday from 12-10pm 

Thank you for a lovely evening, we would love to come back.