9 November 2016

13 tips on how to help the new mum

1. Wine 
Buy them loads of wine. It will come in handy.

2. Nice face cream 
Buy some nice stuff. There's not an inch of makeup going on that new mamas face anytime soon so a nice face cream is the least you can do. 

3. New pyjamas, slippers, dressing gown, lounge wear 
She's going to be spending a lot of time in it so get some decent stuff. 

4. Epsom salts 
Helps heal everything up nicely if she ever finds the time for a bath. 

5. Food
It doesn't matter what but any treats are welcome. There's a good chance she hasn't ate all day.

6. Genuine visitors 
Lovely that you want to see our new baby that we have just gave birth to but unless you are genuinely going to come visit again in 6 months, don't bother. Your on our list. 

7. Praise
Tell that mama she's doing a great job and that she's an amazing mum. It's not that often we get told if ever. 

8. Good time keeping 
Being a new mum is 24 hours a day so if you make plans, stick to them. If you cancel give us notice. DON'T be late. There's a good chance we have ran about all morning trying to get everything to fall into place to even leave the house. 

9. MAMA friends
Introduce her to other mums. Ask them for lunch or to go a walk. I don't care if you've never spoke, it doesn't matter. We are in the same bubble and actually a bubble you can relate to. Making friends with fellow mamas can be really lovely. 

10. Support
She will need a lot of it. Be gentle. We can act like fire breathing dragons when our small child is upset or not playing ball so it's not our intention to upset anyone. Just pop a smile on and try nod your head. Oh and get us another glass of wine. 

11. Do your research
If you want to engage in child discussions DON'T ask 'Are you chilling today?' We are aware we have approx. 9 months off on maternity leave and I know you may think this is a total skive but being a new parent is genuinely the hardest job in the world. Expect us to be so busy we forget to text back or that we forget a birthday. Just message to send your love and if we need anything (food) then your there in a heartbeat. 

12. Work 
Going back to work isn't even in our train of thought right now so don't ask. We have this cute crying bundle of joy to handle at the minute and we can't remember when we last slept so leave that one out. 

13. Flip flops
It's the easiest footwear to shove on for running outside and binning the shitty nappies. (buy them for her - Primark £2)

I know I've missed a million things, what's your tips to helping the new mum?