9 October 2016

Fashion after having a baby

When your pregnant dressing your bump kinda becomes a thing. Anything comfortable, loose, bump hugging, leggings, flips flops all become your new wardrobe staple. What happens though after 9 months of growing your beautiful little human? Our bellies have been stretched to a whole new planet and the adjustment after takes a little getting used to.

Immediately after birth
I found I needed the baggiest comfiest pyjama like bottoms right after. Nothing that was going to upset my poor fragile lady bits. I wanted a loose top as your stomach doesn't feel like yours. Flip flops were my go to regardless of the weather.

After the recovery
(OK so now what do i do?)
I can remember the moment I got into my maternity JEANS and it was pretty good. Thank god I look slightly more presentable. Whilst I was breastfeeding I had to live in loose shirts as I found them the easiest to whip open. When I say whip I mean WHIP those guys were full and angry.

Getting back into your old clothes (PRE BABY GROWING)
I also can remember fitting back into my old non maternity normal jeans and that's about it. I may as well have burned all other clothing. Suddenly everything I loved before didn't feel comfortable. Too much skin on show or it just didn't fit right. I hit a brick wall - (they were my clothes) what else am I meant to wear now!?

Over the next few months I started to try on new clothes and attempted to think outside the box. Ask yourself what do you feel happy in? Adapt what you like and try new things. I found myself being drawn to layering. It can look effortless if done right but also there's hardly any skin on show. Crisp shirts, knits, denim and some leather is what I'm feeling at the moment. As much as my lovely non mummy friends remind me that I'm still young and can wear what I want which is absolutely true. Anyone that's had a baby knows that something changes within you that going back to your old wardrobe isn't always that easy. Don't get me wrong I've managed to put on that dress and go out with non mummy friends and be okay. Day to day life though with your little boo is quite far away from putting on that little dress.

I try not to put too much pressure on myself. Does this look OK? Does it make me look even bigger? Realistically most days its some UN-ironed t-shirt and jeans you end up throwing together. When I have something on or your having a well deserved night off or TIME even that's a good time to play about with clothes and see what feels good on your skin.

Find something you know you feel safe in and then have fun with it. The process of you becoming a mummy and getting yourself back to feeling like a normal human again is interesting but make it fun if you can! Let me know what your wardrobe staples are? (might give me some ideas)