22 February 2016

Pregnancy update

I thought with me having a blog I would have written loads about my pregnancy. The reality is your so busy trying to carry a human in your belly whilst trying to work and get through each day at the end of it all you just can't be bothered. Now that I've just went onto maternity leave a week earlier than expected I guess that's going to free up some of my time.

There's so many things I could write but my brain is fuzzy with hormones so it might be more of a blurb than anything actually readable.


I've just turned 35 weeks pregnant. For non pregnant folk thats just over a month to go. It's weird I can remember scanning through my pregnancy app on my phone looking at the different stages of pregnancy and thinking "omg what will I be like when I'm that far along". Now I'm that far along.. I guess I still feel the same. I'm heavier (over 2 stone) and I can't really get out of bed without some sort of forward roll. I have this weird feeling that I've forgotten something all the time so I'm forever pottering about the house trying to check things off. Even so coming to terms with actually having a baby isn't quite there yet. From various mamas I've spoken to it doesn't really hit you until after your little friend appears and even then it can take a while after.

Theres so many things you learn when you go through this stage of your life. I honestly can't remember pre pregnancy it's so strange. I can remember the nights out, the holidays and the random days but if someone had said to me anything about babies and pregnancy I would have switched off. Now that's all I know and speak about which makes it feel like a very long 8 months.

Everything's going as planned which is fab. Baby is growing well and only last night he kicked me that hard I thought shit that's actually really sore which means all that cheese I'm eating is making his bones nice and strong!

Anything in particular you would like me to write about? just let me know :)

I'm away to start writing the birth plan..