9 November 2015

I'm growing a human..


I know it's not too much of a surprise now especially if you have me on social media. I've just hit the 20 week mark which means I'm officially half way. Which is a whole mixture of craziness to me!

I have been extra quiet on my blog as these past few months have been filled with so many ups and downs. It became impossible for me to write when I had so many things on my plate. I've decided to write now because I'm FINALLY at a stage where I can start to enjoy and share my experiences which for a blogger has been quite difficult when I'm forever sharing my thoughts.

Other than my nearest and dearest there was quite a few people who were surprised at how long I kept it off social media for but I had my reasons. One of the main reasons there was such a delay was I was given some scary news which meant I didn't actually know the outcome for either or us. I had to hold off and be sure we would all be ok before I was ready to let everyone in.

I ended up writing an extremely personal blog post about the difficult time I had just incase I ever wanted to share it with everyone. I wrote it whilst I was in a storm of emotions but I'm so happy to say I can share it now I've came out the other side which I will do in a few days time.

Now that I'm writing again it means I can talk about all the fun stuff. As you can imagine I am up to my ears in ideas and Pinterest has became my new best friend. We're having a little baby boy so his wardrobe is obviously well thought out already lol. I'm afraid to say I'm 1 million % against baby blue so it's all white, creams, greys, black, khaki and camo of course! On top of you know the important stuff like planning for a baby we are also planning on where we are going to live which is a whole other level of stress. Everyone else seems to work it out so I'm sure we will too but you know what that means? INTERIOR which has also became my new love so prepare yourselves for the posts. I'm already getting excited about new light shades, sofas and have you heard you can now buy chicken in a bag and you just put it straight in the oven!!? like a whole chicken. Chicken dinners on me. I sound like a mum already!!..

Now that I'm pregnant and I'm still getting used to the whole idea but I'm going to be sharing all the ins and outs of the baby in the belly chat. Theres so much that people don't tell you and once theres baby in there it's quite difficult to have a normal conversation again. Chatting to me kinda goes like this..

Me - "So how was your weekend?"
Person - "Yeah really good we went and done bla bla bla bla millions of exciting stuff, you?" (in lots of detail)
Me - "Yeah so back to the baby did you know he's the size of a banana?"

I'm excited to be back on the old blog I've for sure missed it and it's good to have an outlet to chat nonsense again. My due date is 27th of March 2016 which is Easter Sunday incase ya'll are wondering so send the baby lamb outfits my way!

Does that mean I'm officially a mum blogger? just kidding although.. I am intrigued. Keep an eye out for my next post in a few days..

Bye for now xox

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