17 August 2015

GANT in Barcelona

'Established in 1949, GANT is a lifestyle brand with an American Sportswear Heritage. They offer premium luxury clothing for men and women across our mainline range and GANT Rugger. Their range for men includes classic oxford shirts, casual knitwear, chinos, tailored blazers and jeans. For women a collection of fitted shirts and blouses, lambswool knitwear and accessories.'

Shirt - GANT * / Shorts - Primark / Sandals - EGO, on sale */ Top - RiverIsland

I don't know about you but how good does a new shirt feel? Especially when it's like the best shirt you've ever received. I was really surprised at how lovely Gant had packaged this shirt as it arrived in a lovely box with ribbons and tissue paper, all the fancy stuff. It beats buying any high street shirt that has been shoved into the 5p bag you just bought. The feeling I get from Gant is they are classic yet modern and like any good blogger will tell you - getting a good classic for your wardrobe is a must. 

What's at the top of your essential (classic) wardrobe list? It's got to be the white shirt. The one I'm wearing is the classic GANT Oxford shirt. Now as you can imagine there is a million ways we could style this shirt and I don't doubt for a minute theres better ways of styling this beauty (I'm thinking with some leather and what not) but I'll give you an idea of when this shirt became perfect in the above pictures. 

Strolling the streets of Barcelona, mid July and in the middle of a Spanish heat wave. It was pretty hot. Almost too hot, yeah probably too hot. I was on a city break so there was no sunbathing for me, just lots of walking and hiding in the shadows. It got to the point you didn't want to wear anything never mind that beautiful outfit you had planned. What happens when all your styling plans go out the window and your left with practicality? I'm thinking cool yet effortless and this is when I wore my classic Gant shirt. Numerous stops at tapas bars meant there was times I wanted to be a little covered and this made me feel super comfortable. 

Sometimes it's good to see such a classic piece of clothing been worn in a relatively real and normal way. Our life's are so hectic, what with work and trying to balance everything. We need good, reliable and something thats going to stand the test of time and Gant's classic shirt's are going to do all of that and more.