8 July 2015

Instantly Ageless - Jeunesse review

The Jeunesse website claims: 'Meticulously developed, our formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of minerals that evens skin tone. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide that works like Botox. It’s specifically designed to target areas which have lost elasticity - revealing visibly toned, lifted skin.'

I've known about this product for a few months now and today was the first day I tried it. I can only say I am in total shock. When the product first arrived a couple of months ago I was taken back at how quickly it was flying off the shelfs. I work in a nail bar which means I'm around women of all ages all the time. As soon as one person started talking about it, everyone did. 

I had seen countless videos of this (what seemed like) magic cream. Although I still wasn't phased. Until one day in the salon I tried it on a client myself. I took a before and after picture and I was quite shocked at the results. Within a minute I could see this ladies face changing in front of my eyes which being really honest was quite bizarre. I had never seen anything like it and I couldn't get over the fact it happened so quickly. 

As the beauty industry grows from one extreme to another we are constantly been sold various lotions and potions, it's hard knowing what products are best. If you want something quick then this is the stuff you need. 

Why am I writing about this now?
Well, before now I didn't feel the urge to try the cream at all. Not even slightly curious and it was probably because I was quite arrogant about it. I'm 22 (23 next week eeek) and I don't realllllly have wrinkles or lines. There's a few right under my eyes but I think it's just the shape of them. Pfffffft why would I need to use it? 

Today I was cleaning out my handbag (y'all know how messy and full of shite it gets) and out pops a little sample of Instantly Ageless. I had no makeup on and I was about to leave for work and thought 'MEH... may as well give it a try it'. Now I have really REALLY bad dark circles under my eyes and I've defiantly had them since like 2K4 so they aren't budging at all. I pops a tiny amount on my finger and dab all around and under my eyes. From watching the videos online I knew to stay still for a few minutes until it dries. As the minutes tick by I can feel it getting tighter and tighter. 

I only go and look in the mirror and I'm a little scared at how good this is. WAIT A FECKING MINUTE - I thought I never had wrinkles!!!? and why is it so smooth under my eyes. I'm now trying to remember what they were like before. I must have tiny little bumps under my eyes because this is as smooth as my cheek and we all know I have cute,  big, chubby cheeks. 

Anyway, this product is unreal and I'm now pretty annoyed because that's just another thing I NEED on the list to buy. It lasts for like over 6 hours if you don't sweat too much and can be applied under makeup if you do it right so it's all good. I didn't get any before & after pictures of me I'm afraid because I wasn't that switched on when I was doing it soz. 

If y'all want some let me know as my salon has loads xox

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