18 June 2015

The dangers of MMA

Remember I was in Australia in January and I was talking about how I wasn't sure about what direction I was going on in terms on my career. Well in the past 6 months I got off my bum and went and changed my life which is why I've been a bit quiet. I'm super creative so I decided to become a nail technician. Now that all my exams have been passed and I work every day with nails, I decided to write a little blog about The dangers of MMA.

I'm not going to sit and tell you all the technical stuff of why this is so bad but I will be a blunt as possible.

What is MMA? (Methyl methacrylate)
MMA is an acrylic that gets put on your nails when you go to certain salons. It's a type of acrylic that is used in hip replacements, knee replacements and used in the grout that dentists use for sticking teeth in. After googling how long this stuff lasts it said 20 years lololol. Can I just remind you that were talking about nails and salons actually put this stuff onto peoples fingers.

Warning signs of typical salons that use this product are as follows..
  • Wearing face masks (you don't want to breathe this shit in)
  • Don't speak English
  • Unbranded bottles
  • Extremely unbearable smells
  • Cheap nails £30 and below
How do I get this horrible stuff off my nails?
In these salons there isn't usually a soak off process for this because it doesn't work! Remember its basically like crazy strong glue so not even acetone will budge it. What you find is these salons use a drill to get it off. Drills should NOT be used on your natural nail unless a band is used. Which of course leads to even more problems because they will drill it straight to your natural nail so you can imagine! It's pretty bad. Most reputable salons don't remove MMA because under this type of nail could be all sorts of gross stuff like fungus etc. If you realise you have these on then I would just remove them yourself.

WHY do people do it?
  • Folk go because it's cheap but you are paying for what you get and that's nails that are never coming off.
  • The staff in these salon work very very quickly.
  • The nails last - lol
If these nails break there's a good chance your own nail is going with it. When they use the drill on your natural nail they are destroying your nail plate and the damage most of the time is irreversible. Good quality nails that are safe will cost you but to be honest I would like to have nice pretty fingers my whole like. I don't fancy having a few fingers falling off.

nice ae :)


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