2 June 2015

10 ways to use Coconut Oil

It's not often I feel like I have discovered the most amazing product ever to grace my presence. Today I am writing to y'all about my recent discovery. Now to everyone that will mutter "I've known about that for ages" WHY DID YOU NO TELL ME?

About a month ago I was chilling with one of my boos and she let me use some of her coconut oil. I literally had never heard about it so I was intrigued to find out more. I started googling it and found there was so many ways you could use it and I was quite overwhelmed yet excited to try it on everything! 

Since then I use it several times a day, every day and now I am well and truly addicted. I love coconuts what do oil and I cannot lie. soz.

Here's some ways that I have used it (TO BE CONTINUED as I have yet to make it with my omelet)

I use Lucy Bee which is unrefined, extra virgin, organic, raw coconut oil and Fair Trade. This is by far the best value oil I have found since I have started using it. 

1. Face Moisturiser
By far my favourite way to use it is a facial moisturiser. From my last blog post you would have seen that my skin was a riot with breakouts. I was really scared to use it on my face because you know it's oil and well I thought it would make my spots worse. It has done the complete opposite, my skin hasn't been this clear in months and it's defiantly down to this. 

2. Shower Thing 
I have no idea what to call it but you will thank me after. Once you have done your shower gel etc in the shower put some of the hard coconut oil and melt it in your hands and rub everywhere. Legs, bum tum EVERYWHERE. Rub gently under the water and your skin looks like it becomes waterproof. Once your out the shower and dried you will feel the difference straight away - it's so good. 

3. Cuticle Oil 
Since becoming a qualified nail technician this year (YAY to me, that's why I've hardly been blogging - busy werking on my shit) I've realised how important it is to keep your fingers and cuticles nice and pretty. If you don't put anything on guaranteed your cuticles become dry and yucky. Putting this on before bed works a treat.

4. Cooking 
This is one thing that I need to explore more as I see loads of stuff online about how you can incorporate this into your diet and how good it is for you. So far I have put it in my green tea and it was terrible - don't do it. Although I did put some in my porridge and this was decent. 

5. Shaving
If your lacking on the old shaving foam then this is so good. Coconut oil is solid until it melts with the heat of your hand it feels weird when your shaving because you can't really see it, however the results after are so worth it. 

6. Thrush 
Even the thought makes us girls feel sick - I can confirm coconut oil is a quick fix! I read about this online and thought it sounded really funny but it said you can use it like a cream which is amazing and an instant help. You can also cover a tampax in it and it helps internally too. I'm sorry but I had to share the wonders, I promise it works. 

7. Hair Treatment
My hair has been in a sorry state since I dyed it grey last year and I'm always looking for tips to get it back to full health. After I have conditioned my hair I put some in before I come out the shower and again when I have towel dried my hair and I feel like it makes it thicker! 

8. Body Moisturiser 
If you don't use it in the shower then it's also good on it's own as a body moisturiser. I usually put it on before bed but I also use it before work and nights out etc. It makes your legs super shiny! 

9. Makeup Remover
If I'm not using mercilor water then I use this. I put loads on my face and lashes and then use a cotton pad to take it all off. I tend to get a lot in my eyes and then every thing's fuzzy for a while but it's worth it .

10. Oil Pulling 
I've only done this a handful of times but I feel like it really helps. Put a teaspoon of it in your mouth and swish about like mouthwash, it says online you should do this for 20 mins a day, twice daily. It becomes really watery and as long as you spit it out after your good to go. Brush your teeth after though as it feels weird afterwards. Your mouth is full of toxins and bad stuff so the old school method is meant to draw out all the bad yucky stuff. 

Let me know if you try any of these or if you have any tips yourself. I have my family and friends hooked - soz.



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