22 March 2015

Shop in colour with Buchanan Galleries

Bonjour everyone!

I know I haven't been doing much in the way of my blog which I feel a little bad about. However, I have been a busy little bee as I'm now a trainee nail technician (more on that another day). It doesn't matter how busy any of us get, we always allow ourselves some time to shop. To be honest I actually couldn't remember the last time I went shopping for even something small never mind a full outfit. 

You could imagine my delight when Buchanan Galleries shopping centre got in touch about their up coming in store promotion. From the 23rd - 27th of March if you spend £50 or more you receive a £5 gift card from Buchanan Galleries. No bad ae? The Shop in Colour promotion is all about trying to introduce some colour back into your wardrobe. It's been a long winter and I think we are all ready for Spring/Summer. By bringing some colour back into your life means you are well on your way to embracing the current and next season trends. 

The dolls over at Buchanan Galleries wanted me to give everyone a little inspiration on how easy it is to introduce colour. I was a bit stuck because like most people in winter, I like to live in black clothes. Black skinny jeans, black T-shirts and black Dr Martens. It's hard to get out that rut. After a little thinking I came to the conclusion that colour doesn't need to be about bright yellows and pink jackets. Choosing something with different tones and textures can really make all the difference. 


Jacket - HM
Boots - HM (I got these half price in store)
Skirt - River Island
Top - River Island
Bag - River Island

I was given a budget of £150 and I quickly decided that I was going to work with cream and khaki. This made it really easy because the shops are screaming out all things neutral. I picked this outfit because I love these colours but I also wanted something that was really adaptable. In the photos above I would be ready for some dinner and drinks in town but as soon as the good weather is here I just need to loose the jacket and shoes and I have a little BBQ outfit. 

All the items I picked can be worn in so many different ways and I'm really excited to style this through out the season!

Find out more about the promotion here

Big thanks to Buchanan Galleries and Yasmin*


6 March 2015

The Clarins Skin Spa: Tri-Active Facial

Hi my name is Nicole and I have never had a facial. I'm unsure wether I've committed a huge beauty crime or like a lot of people, never got round to actually booking one. It's funny because we spend so much money on beauty products, getting our hair and nails done or buying the newest shoes. If we all just stopped for a second and maybe think about putting that money into say booking a 1 hour and 25 minute treatment that will send us into complete relaxation heaven, maybe just maybe we might feel a million times better. 

I was invited along to The Clarins Skin Spa located in the beauty hall of Debenhams, Overgate shopping centre in Dundee. It was surprisingly a good setting which I wasn't expecting as I thought it would be in the middle of all the counters. The Overgate has a carpark attached to Debenhams which meant I didn't feel embarrassed walking far to my car without any makeup on. 

The Spa was situated right behind the Clarins beauty counter and it's really quite hidden away. I felt this was a good thing though, as soon as you walk through the doors you feel a million miles away from a department store. 

Before the facial
I was greeted by the lovely therapists who sat me down with some water in hand. I got to try out some of the samples whilst I waited which is always fun. Once I was assigned my skin therapist she asked me to run through a quick questionnaire which was all the normal medical questions, just so nothing intervenes with the treatments. Once that was out the way I got taken through to the treatment room which was lovely. I think my favourite part is the spa music it always makes you feel like your dreaming! 

I was asked to pop my shoes and socks off along with my top and to lie under the cover of the treatment bed. Straight away I was super impressed as it was all heated and since it was freezing outside it was a nice touch. Once I was settled the therapist went through all my skin concerns and carried out a skin test which consisted of gently touching my face. Checking things like my hydration and circulation levels of my skin. 

After the short discussion the therapist recommended I go for The Detox & Shine Stopper facial
-Intensively purifies skin, rebalances oil production, tightens and refines pores so oily, combination and even shiny complexions becomes clearer, smoother, softer and more matte. A fresh start with a shine free finish. 

Which is perfect for me because I have this really annoying thing where my skin is good for a week then terrible for the next 3 weeks. I was really intrigued as to what was going to happen next. Remembering I've never had a facial so I literally had no idea what to expect.

What my Tri-Active facial included - 
-Professional products used 6x more concentrated than your products at home
-Detox & shine stopper 
-Cleanse & double exfoliate with pro exfoliating cream
-Pro exfoliating lotion
-Drain & detox to remove toxins under the skin and lymphatic drainage
-Face, neck, shoulder & scalp massage using lotus oil and anti stress supplement to soothe redness and even out skin tone
-Pure and radiant mask to deep cleanse and brighten
-Hand & foot massage
-Hydra Quench serum, radiance supplements and hydration matte lotion

During the facial
I know I'm no expert on facials but that list is pretty chunky. The treatment lasted 1hr 25 mins and I can tell you now that I fell asleep twice and potentially snored for a second but that doesn't count. I couldn't quite believe how intensely relaxing the whole process was and how your mind can really just chill out for the whole process. Every stage of the treatment felt incredible and almost like my face was getting a whole new lease of life. I could feel my skin soaking up all the goodness and my muscles were responding to every movement. First your face, then your neck and shoulders and next thing you know your feet are getting involved. There was never a lull or pause. You really are getting your moneys worth, it's fantastic. I was really quite surprised at how much was involved and how talented the therapist was. There was enough pressure in the massage and the whole treatment had a really natural flow to it. 

After the facial
I don't know if this is deliberate (facial newbie) but the facial started with something soothing on the eyes and it also ended like this which I felt was a nice end to the whole process. Once I had sat up the therapist handed me some water and mirror to see my results. My skin looked really bright and glowing. To be honest I was a bit shocked as I had heard they usually make you go really red. I just looked like I had a really good nights sleep and a litre of water! We had a little chat about how I was feeling and if I would like any makeup applied since I was going back out into the shopping centre. 

I wanted my skin to really get the full benefit so decided to go makeup free afterwards. 8 hours later my skin feels incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing the results over the next few days.

Skin hydration increased by 46.2%
Skin firmness increased by 10.3%
*proven results after one Clarins facial treatment

Treatment cost £67
Find your local Clarins Skin Spa here 

Very much a hidden gem in Dundee and couldn't recommend it enough. Had an awesome time and I can't wait to book in my nearest and dearest as I know they will love it too!

Big thanks to Clarins and the Overgate Shopping Centre