18 February 2015

What to wear in the city

It's official, my travels down under has came to an end. I'm back home in Scotland in my fluffy onesie sipping on my sugary cup of tea. Holidays are funny ae? All that excitement and then you get back home and you have this really daft look on your face like... "yep back to reality".

Being a blogger I guess when you go on holiday to the other side of the world or down south you want to have some good outfits. Outfits that are blog-able, Intagram-able and overall likeable. The truth is though, your too busy having a good time or trying not to die of dehydration in the Australian sun to really care. You get to the point where you think right I think this will just have to do. I had so much planned in my head and then it all went out the window when I realised I had lived in my flip flops for a month.

Let's dedicate this post to trying to be a good blogger by getting photos of my outfit. It was hot okay..

What to wear in the city

1. Anything loose 
You will be hot and sweaty so therefor if your going out for the day you need to be adaptable. Loose clothing will stay looking sweet all day but also keep you cool.

2. Stick to block colours
Keep the colour palette small so you can take the outfit from day to night. By opting for a colourful lipstick you can keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

3. Appropriate footwear
Let's be honest we don't want to look like a tourist in the city we are visiting so try opt for something other than the usual flip flops (even though I wish I could live in flip flops for life) Birkenstocks are the fashion shoe of summer so these are always a winning choice.

Skirt, bag, blouse and sandals - all Primark / Sunglasses - Alexander Wang x HM (sold out). 

I took my own advise, I went with a relaxed, cool and practical outfit for venturing into the city centre. I felt comfortable and I didn't feel like my outfit reflected your typical tourist. I could have put a pair of heels in my bag and easily turned this into an evening outfit if you were going out for dinner. Having bold sunglasses makes any feminine outfit that bit more interesting and makes you stand out, in a good way of course. 

As you can see the views are beautiful and there is never enough time to explore all the amazing streets. I think thats the same in any city, theres always so much to see. If only we had unlimited money to do some serious exploring. Do you have any style tips for keeping cool in the city?

Photos by David Findlay


  1. Great look!!! When the city gets cold, I usually stick to wearing coats, beanies and scarves. They help to keep me warm!

    Fabi | www.agirlandherstripes.com

  2. Those sunglasses are amazing, see they are sold out though! x