24 January 2015

Waking up in the suburbs

Bag - Primark / Skirt - H&M / Vest - boyfriends, probs stole it (soz) / Boots - Dr Martens / Sunglasses - Alexander Wang x HM

Remember how I was saying last week that the part of New South Wales I'm staying in was full of cute little houses and bottle shops (that's the off license for you and me) This little street is just a fine example of what makes up the suburbs. They join all the big houses and little houses and everyone is always in thongs (flip -flops) or bare feet but I'm no judging.

Down the street from here is the local volley ball club and it looks like a scene from Saw, nae joke. I also popped into see the local barbers and it's everything you expect a barber from the 50's to look like. It's all very picture perfect but don't let me fool y'all..

The neighbours are naughty and they don't mind using the big blower thing to get all the leaves off their garden at 7AM on a Saturday morning or happily walk through your garden to get to where they need to be.

With that in mind, it's a different world to back home in Scotland. The incredibly hot weather means you want to be outside, you want to walk about in your flip flops and wear loose fitting clothes. There is so much to do and see outside that it makes you feel so connected to mother nature. That sounds weird to me as it does you but that's probably because we are so used to jumping out our beds, wrapping up and running to the car to get to where ever we need to be. We don't often take a second glance to our surroundings because it's painfully cold or wet. It's made me realise to take a step back and enjoy the scenery when I'm back home, after all Scotland is a beautiful country.

Anyway, here's my pictures from when I woke up last week and took a walk through the suburbs. Bringing my Dr. Martens was unquestionable and they are still my go to footwear for every day life back in Scotland. I couldn't not get some wee photies of them!

Hope everyone back home has a lovely Sunday. I'm just back from the Blue mountains and what a beautiful place. Very sleeply girl so I'm away to eat some chicken schnitzel and watch the tennis. Peace x

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  1. Love this outfit - the Dr Martens are the perfect finishing touch! I recently challenged myself to get out in the fresh air even though the weather is pretty depressing in Edinburgh. Although right now I think I would rather be in Australia haha. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :) x