17 January 2015

Primark down under

Trousers - TKmaxx / Top - Primark / Sandals - Primark / Bag - Primark

Since I've been at the beach for the past 3 days it was nice to finally put some clothes on and explore some of the sights. My dad was off work so it became his mission to take me on a tour of all the surrounding beaches and towns.

We were going out for dinner later on so I had to wear something that was cool enough but something that would carry me through to the evening. If I could pick any piece of clothing to live in for the rest of my life it would defiantly be harem pants. They are so loose, comfortable and cool which is all you could want in this heat.

I wouldn't think twice about wearing heeled sandals with this outfit since it's such a versatile look. Although by dinner time I was so thankful I wasn't wearing heels. It was bloody roasting and the only way I would make it through the night is having a nice cold beer.

I only just realised that most of my outfit is actually from Primark. It's been a while since I've done Primark head to toe but they still come out on top for everyday basics. Primark isn't in Australia yet but I know from chatting with some of the girls here they are crying out for it!

Hurry up Primarni when will you be down under?

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