11 January 2015

CBT sessions, Self employed and HELP where am I going in life!?

It's 00:10AM in Sydney and I'm sitting in bed unable to sleep (stupid jet lag). It seems I brought the dreaded Scottish weather with me to Australia and it's given me time to do some major reflection. Coming to the end of my CBT sessions with my therapist gave me some things to think about and I knew coming on this break would allow me to focus in on these without the distractions of everyday life back home.

'I am a strong enough person'

This is something we came up with so I can put into motion. Throughout therapy you tend to discuss a lot of negatives you may be dealing with in your life but as you come out of that things start to change. What positive changes can you make in your life?

The above phrase meant I could apply this to every aspect of my little world. I am a strong enough person to travel to the other side of the world by myself because I want to. I am a strong enough person to allow myself to put my blog first. I am a strong enough person to know and understand what I deserve.

This kind of talking is foreign to me and something that I'm working on. Which led me to the questions I started to ask myself today. Why have I been so unhappy in my previous jobs? Why are we waking up to work? Why is my alarm going so I can just work to survive? I work really hard yet struggle to find a company who is willing to invest time to help you grow. Everything is so dispensable these days and companies know it.

Coming back in February is the perfect time for me to focus on what I want in my life, what I want to achieve and how I'm going to get it. Whether that's working part time for a company I love or going self employed, doing some courses or diving into something completely different - I have no idea. All I know is that unless I set out to create my own goals and start creating my own opportunity's I'm going to end up in the same cycle I always find myself in.

Have you ever went self-employed and wondered if you were making the right decision? Leave me a comment below if you have ever hit this type of cross roads in your life and you have no idea what direction you should be going in!

ps they have birds here that sound like monkeys it's really annoying x


  1. I know exactly how difficult it is to decide on a career path and be happy with it! After a year of doing photography in London I thought I'd quit my part-time retail job and try going freelance but then I realised photography wasn't for me. Then I worked as a care assistant in ARAU which was a tough job to say the least! I've also wanted to be a stylist and got lots of experience but I'm hoping that digital marketing (what I'm studying) is what I'm meant to do with my life!
    It may take years for some of us to figure out what career to choose but it's better than sticking with a job you hate or isn't right for you. xxx

    1. Thanks lou! Lots of respect for you studying and sticking in!! Keep at it and the results will speak for itself! That's very true thanks again!! xx

  2. Sorry to hear the weathers not great in Oz hun (and that they have annoying sounding birds). I've never come across this situation but I often think that when I finish university I'm not sure whether I want to be a lawyer doing a career thats so intense that it won't leave me much time to do what I truly love - my blog. I think you're right in that there is more to life than setting up an alarm to go to work merely to survive. I hope you come back feeling refreshed with some ideas as to what you want to do!

    Lots of Love,

    What Abby Loves

  3. Thanks Abby! The weathers roasting now so I won't complain anymore lol I'm sure you'll hear all about my ideas when I'm back!!! Giving myself so many goals when I'm back xxx