13 January 2015

Aussie sun and Alexander Wang

Dress - H&M / Bag - Primark / Sandals - Primark / Sunglasses - Alexander Wang x HM

Staying in a small place called Berowra, New South Wales is very cute. There's little lilac and grey houses and everyone has a gardner. It's only 40 mins on the train from the city and it's just the most at ease town. The weather has been pretty rubbish since I got here and I haven't had a chance to sunbath until today.

Bringing the biggest suitcase in the world meant I have too many outfits to wear never mind blog about. The small problem I'm having is it's actually too hot. Too hot to wear any clothes never mind an outfit! I'm sorry I know everyone back home in Scotland is dealing with snow but we all deserve to be happy at some point ok and this is my time!!

These pictures were taken earlier today when I was finally on my way to the beautiful Northern Beaches. What to wear to the beach when its 30 degrees + and you have an hours drive in a non air conditioned car? This. This is what you wear because it's light and loose. I picked this up in the H&M sale before I left and it was only 3 quid! The bag is maybe one of my favourite things I own. In another life I would just love to be a hippy and this just is the most hippy happy bag I could get my hands on and what a surprise I found it in Primark.

Also I don't think I've showed you my Alexander Wang x HM sunglasses I managed to get at the end of last year? They are so sassy and huge! When they first arrived I did have a slight panic as they were so big but then I remembered I have a huge face so if anyone could wear them it's me! There was no way I was coming to OZ and not packing them.

Do you have any outfit secrets for when it's too hot to deal with life?

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  1. Love your bag and sandals!x