21 January 2015

8 ways to improve your inner self

Being in Australia has given me the time to focus solely on myself. This trip so far has been so incredibly healing and it's really opened my eyes to what I want from my life. You know what it's like getting caught up with day to day life, not having any time to take a step back. When you finally get a chance to take a week off your so exhausted to even get re connected to a positive state of mind your just happy for the rest. 

Just because I'm taking 4 weeks out doesn't mean you can't focus in on yourself now. One things for sure, it's super important to allow yourself to heal, re-charge and re-assess what's important for you, now. 

Only the other day at 2am (I couldn't sleep, stupid cricket like creatures in the grass making clicky noises) I came up with a list, a list to re-kick my little butt into changing my life around. 

1. Find a new job 
If you feel like your working just to get by and you are lacking in motivation or your not getting the opportunities you deserve then it's probably time to move on. Look at your attitude towards what you deserve and don't limit yourself as to what you can achieve. For me I'm going to go into part-time work to open up some time for me to look at my other goals.

2. Apply for a course
I find it really annoying that I don't have anything to fall back on and until you decided that you want to change that, nothing will change. From someone who doesn't hold any higher qualifications it's essential that you believe you can achieve just as much as the next person who does. It's all about finding something that interests you and something that your willing to invest your time in. Don't leave it any longer! Go for what you have always wanted to do!

3. Join a library 
How good would it be to get home for your busy day to a little bundle of positive books sitting on your shelf? Why spend your hard earned cash on books that gather dust. Make the effort to pop along to your local library and get a couple of books out that will leave you feeling nothing but inspired.

4. Listen to positive leaders 
Until you have been introduced to the world of positive speakers/leaders then it's easy to be oblivious to it. Allow yourself 5 minutes, when your having your breakfast or when your on the bus to youtube some inspirational leaders that you can relate to. It will change your whole mindset!

5. Change your bedroom
From someone who changes my room every few months, I find nothing more relaxing than adapting your room to how your feeling. Wether you want your room to be a Parisian palace, a colourful jungle or a bohemian sanctuary either way it will fill your inner self with peace and tranquility. It doesn't need to cost much and if your an eBay bargain hunter like myself you'll figure it out. Guarantee it will turn your evenings into total bliss.

6. Writing positive lists
I like lists like the next person but they are always used to remind us not to forget the bread or the fake eyelashes. Why not change our way of thinking and use lists in a positive way. Before you go to sleep get the notes app up on your phone and remind yourself of 5 positive things that happened that day, big or small you will be surprised how your mind will start thinking. 

7. Drink green tea
I know it's not your normal cuppa with milk and 2 sugars but hey it's the easiest way to get some goodness into your system ASAP. There is so many different types and flavours on the market that your sure to find one that suits your taste. Look at it as an essential to feeling good and looking good!

8. Connect with the outdoors
Being in Australia I know it's much easier putting your feet in the sea when the sun is shining. Back in the UK this will be more difficult. Being in negative temperatures means you need to get creative! Find some nice scenery, get the car parked and go a walk. When the sun is back grab a throw and find some grass, your mind will thank you for it. 

I arrive back in Scotland in a few weeks and creating a list with 20+ goals on it means I am ready to improve my life 100%. What I was doing day to day before wasn't working so now I'm at a stage where I'm willing to change this. Most people are happy with mediocre which is totally fine, but if your wanting to reach for more than your current situation then your the only one that can change it. 

Let me know what you would add to your list? I would love to hear them!

Positive thinking 1 million percent.


  1. Hey, Just seen your blog on the Edinburgh blogs Facebook page, wanted to see where those khaki trousers were from! But I quite enjoyed reading your wee list, so true! we do forget to make time to rest and relax sometimes. Too bad I have a dissertation to write right now, I actually would've picked up a book haha.

    Lots of love,

    1. Hey!

      Awww thank you so much and I'm glad you liked reading it! I know it can become really hard when you have normal life stuff but as soon as your finished have some you time! Xxx

  2. Self improvement is always good. I feel like I work on myself every day x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Defiantly and it's so good to hear that you do! nothing more therapeutic than working on yourself xx

  3. Love this post! I'm thinking about giving my room a change around for the new year. It's always nice to do because it just feels like a fresh start and it's nice to have your own little paradise x


    1. Thanks Hayley! Exactly and you feel so much better for it and make sure the changes you make are things you really connect with! xx

  4. Such a beautiful post! It is so important to take time for yourself. You're number one and it's crucial to remember that. Enjoy your time in Oz! Xxxx


    1. Thanks my love! I know right!? Self healing is so important and we always end up putting ourselves last! thank you :) xx

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