28 January 2015

Boho in the Blue Mountains


Bag - The markets in Ettalong, NSW / Top + Trousers - H&M / Sandals - Primark

HELLO Blue Mountains, how beautiful are those views? If you come to Australia you have to visit the blue mountains, it's kind of mandatory. This was just a tiny part we saw as it's literally so big. We took a drive through different parts and stopped of at certain areas. For example, I got to see some alpacas.. Which was going to be the best thing to ever happen to me, however they got a haircut before I arrived. They really are nothing without their hair.

We also stopped by an apple pie shop. It's kind of a Blue mountains thing where they are like the land of Apples. So every few miles up the mountains theres an apple pie shop OR a cider shop. Unfortunately I'm not a cider lover (beer gal) but I was seriously considering my options. The reason we went to this particular area, it's in or near (canny mind) a town called Katoomba, how cute sounds like something from the song they sing in finding Nemo when he first enters the tank in the dentist, lolz.

I wanted to go to Katoomba because I had been told there was a shop called something like Enchanted which was full of Buddhas, Tapestry's and all things gypsy. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have noticed a slight change in my pictures. Reason being when it comes to summer time I love nothing more than bringing out my inner gypsy, bohemian princess or hippie if your unsure what I'm on about. Being in the sun for the first time in a while has made me feel amazing and made me remember how much I love being outside and embracing this side of me. Back in Scotland its not quite as easy running about in bare feet with feathers and plaits in your hair. HURRY SUMMER.

As you can imagine it was very hot, so hot it was 40 degrees. For my day of exploring I wanted something light but also to fit in with my beautiful new bag. Incredible ae? Roughly about 12 quid and it's just so amazing. I'm really feeling flares at the moment and nothing better when your in the sun. The caramel top brought in some warmth which I felt brought the outfit together perfectly.

What's your thoughts on the bag?  and what style do you embrace in the summer?

24 January 2015

Waking up in the suburbs

Bag - Primark / Skirt - H&M / Vest - boyfriends, probs stole it (soz) / Boots - Dr Martens / Sunglasses - Alexander Wang x HM

Remember how I was saying last week that the part of New South Wales I'm staying in was full of cute little houses and bottle shops (that's the off license for you and me) This little street is just a fine example of what makes up the suburbs. They join all the big houses and little houses and everyone is always in thongs (flip -flops) or bare feet but I'm no judging.

Down the street from here is the local volley ball club and it looks like a scene from Saw, nae joke. I also popped into see the local barbers and it's everything you expect a barber from the 50's to look like. It's all very picture perfect but don't let me fool y'all..

The neighbours are naughty and they don't mind using the big blower thing to get all the leaves off their garden at 7AM on a Saturday morning or happily walk through your garden to get to where they need to be.

With that in mind, it's a different world to back home in Scotland. The incredibly hot weather means you want to be outside, you want to walk about in your flip flops and wear loose fitting clothes. There is so much to do and see outside that it makes you feel so connected to mother nature. That sounds weird to me as it does you but that's probably because we are so used to jumping out our beds, wrapping up and running to the car to get to where ever we need to be. We don't often take a second glance to our surroundings because it's painfully cold or wet. It's made me realise to take a step back and enjoy the scenery when I'm back home, after all Scotland is a beautiful country.

Anyway, here's my pictures from when I woke up last week and took a walk through the suburbs. Bringing my Dr. Martens was unquestionable and they are still my go to footwear for every day life back in Scotland. I couldn't not get some wee photies of them!

Hope everyone back home has a lovely Sunday. I'm just back from the Blue mountains and what a beautiful place. Very sleeply girl so I'm away to eat some chicken schnitzel and watch the tennis. Peace x

21 January 2015

8 ways to improve your inner self

Being in Australia has given me the time to focus solely on myself. This trip so far has been so incredibly healing and it's really opened my eyes to what I want from my life. You know what it's like getting caught up with day to day life, not having any time to take a step back. When you finally get a chance to take a week off your so exhausted to even get re connected to a positive state of mind your just happy for the rest. 

Just because I'm taking 4 weeks out doesn't mean you can't focus in on yourself now. One things for sure, it's super important to allow yourself to heal, re-charge and re-assess what's important for you, now. 

Only the other day at 2am (I couldn't sleep, stupid cricket like creatures in the grass making clicky noises) I came up with a list, a list to re-kick my little butt into changing my life around. 

1. Find a new job 
If you feel like your working just to get by and you are lacking in motivation or your not getting the opportunities you deserve then it's probably time to move on. Look at your attitude towards what you deserve and don't limit yourself as to what you can achieve. For me I'm going to go into part-time work to open up some time for me to look at my other goals.

2. Apply for a course
I find it really annoying that I don't have anything to fall back on and until you decided that you want to change that, nothing will change. From someone who doesn't hold any higher qualifications it's essential that you believe you can achieve just as much as the next person who does. It's all about finding something that interests you and something that your willing to invest your time in. Don't leave it any longer! Go for what you have always wanted to do!

3. Join a library 
How good would it be to get home for your busy day to a little bundle of positive books sitting on your shelf? Why spend your hard earned cash on books that gather dust. Make the effort to pop along to your local library and get a couple of books out that will leave you feeling nothing but inspired.

4. Listen to positive leaders 
Until you have been introduced to the world of positive speakers/leaders then it's easy to be oblivious to it. Allow yourself 5 minutes, when your having your breakfast or when your on the bus to youtube some inspirational leaders that you can relate to. It will change your whole mindset!

5. Change your bedroom
From someone who changes my room every few months, I find nothing more relaxing than adapting your room to how your feeling. Wether you want your room to be a Parisian palace, a colourful jungle or a bohemian sanctuary either way it will fill your inner self with peace and tranquility. It doesn't need to cost much and if your an eBay bargain hunter like myself you'll figure it out. Guarantee it will turn your evenings into total bliss.

6. Writing positive lists
I like lists like the next person but they are always used to remind us not to forget the bread or the fake eyelashes. Why not change our way of thinking and use lists in a positive way. Before you go to sleep get the notes app up on your phone and remind yourself of 5 positive things that happened that day, big or small you will be surprised how your mind will start thinking. 

7. Drink green tea
I know it's not your normal cuppa with milk and 2 sugars but hey it's the easiest way to get some goodness into your system ASAP. There is so many different types and flavours on the market that your sure to find one that suits your taste. Look at it as an essential to feeling good and looking good!

8. Connect with the outdoors
Being in Australia I know it's much easier putting your feet in the sea when the sun is shining. Back in the UK this will be more difficult. Being in negative temperatures means you need to get creative! Find some nice scenery, get the car parked and go a walk. When the sun is back grab a throw and find some grass, your mind will thank you for it. 

I arrive back in Scotland in a few weeks and creating a list with 20+ goals on it means I am ready to improve my life 100%. What I was doing day to day before wasn't working so now I'm at a stage where I'm willing to change this. Most people are happy with mediocre which is totally fine, but if your wanting to reach for more than your current situation then your the only one that can change it. 

Let me know what you would add to your list? I would love to hear them!

Positive thinking 1 million percent.

17 January 2015

Primark down under

Trousers - TKmaxx / Top - Primark / Sandals - Primark / Bag - Primark

Since I've been at the beach for the past 3 days it was nice to finally put some clothes on and explore some of the sights. My dad was off work so it became his mission to take me on a tour of all the surrounding beaches and towns.

We were going out for dinner later on so I had to wear something that was cool enough but something that would carry me through to the evening. If I could pick any piece of clothing to live in for the rest of my life it would defiantly be harem pants. They are so loose, comfortable and cool which is all you could want in this heat.

I wouldn't think twice about wearing heeled sandals with this outfit since it's such a versatile look. Although by dinner time I was so thankful I wasn't wearing heels. It was bloody roasting and the only way I would make it through the night is having a nice cold beer.

I only just realised that most of my outfit is actually from Primark. It's been a while since I've done Primark head to toe but they still come out on top for everyday basics. Primark isn't in Australia yet but I know from chatting with some of the girls here they are crying out for it!

Hurry up Primarni when will you be down under?

13 January 2015

Aussie sun and Alexander Wang

Dress - H&M / Bag - Primark / Sandals - Primark / Sunglasses - Alexander Wang x HM

Staying in a small place called Berowra, New South Wales is very cute. There's little lilac and grey houses and everyone has a gardner. It's only 40 mins on the train from the city and it's just the most at ease town. The weather has been pretty rubbish since I got here and I haven't had a chance to sunbath until today.

Bringing the biggest suitcase in the world meant I have too many outfits to wear never mind blog about. The small problem I'm having is it's actually too hot. Too hot to wear any clothes never mind an outfit! I'm sorry I know everyone back home in Scotland is dealing with snow but we all deserve to be happy at some point ok and this is my time!!

These pictures were taken earlier today when I was finally on my way to the beautiful Northern Beaches. What to wear to the beach when its 30 degrees + and you have an hours drive in a non air conditioned car? This. This is what you wear because it's light and loose. I picked this up in the H&M sale before I left and it was only 3 quid! The bag is maybe one of my favourite things I own. In another life I would just love to be a hippy and this just is the most hippy happy bag I could get my hands on and what a surprise I found it in Primark.

Also I don't think I've showed you my Alexander Wang x HM sunglasses I managed to get at the end of last year? They are so sassy and huge! When they first arrived I did have a slight panic as they were so big but then I remembered I have a huge face so if anyone could wear them it's me! There was no way I was coming to OZ and not packing them.

Do you have any outfit secrets for when it's too hot to deal with life?

11 January 2015

CBT sessions, Self employed and HELP where am I going in life!?

It's 00:10AM in Sydney and I'm sitting in bed unable to sleep (stupid jet lag). It seems I brought the dreaded Scottish weather with me to Australia and it's given me time to do some major reflection. Coming to the end of my CBT sessions with my therapist gave me some things to think about and I knew coming on this break would allow me to focus in on these without the distractions of everyday life back home.

'I am a strong enough person'

This is something we came up with so I can put into motion. Throughout therapy you tend to discuss a lot of negatives you may be dealing with in your life but as you come out of that things start to change. What positive changes can you make in your life?

The above phrase meant I could apply this to every aspect of my little world. I am a strong enough person to travel to the other side of the world by myself because I want to. I am a strong enough person to allow myself to put my blog first. I am a strong enough person to know and understand what I deserve.

This kind of talking is foreign to me and something that I'm working on. Which led me to the questions I started to ask myself today. Why have I been so unhappy in my previous jobs? Why are we waking up to work? Why is my alarm going so I can just work to survive? I work really hard yet struggle to find a company who is willing to invest time to help you grow. Everything is so dispensable these days and companies know it.

Coming back in February is the perfect time for me to focus on what I want in my life, what I want to achieve and how I'm going to get it. Whether that's working part time for a company I love or going self employed, doing some courses or diving into something completely different - I have no idea. All I know is that unless I set out to create my own goals and start creating my own opportunity's I'm going to end up in the same cycle I always find myself in.

Have you ever went self-employed and wondered if you were making the right decision? Leave me a comment below if you have ever hit this type of cross roads in your life and you have no idea what direction you should be going in!

ps they have birds here that sound like monkeys it's really annoying x

6 January 2015

Happy New Year Y'all

Hope everyone had a lovely time! I was pretty quiet on the blog front because I was too busy enjoying myself. Drinking myself into rum comas, sleeping my days away and eating everything I seen.  As you might all know by now I'm off to Austraila to visit my family tomorrow morning so I've been busy getting myself sorted for that.

Lucky for me River Island @ Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh wanted to help me get ready for my holiday and just in time for the sales!*

Sale shopping for some people can be stressful, hectic and pretty caotic so having a plan is essential.
  1. Have a plan
  2. One must stick to one's plan
  3. Think ahead
  4. Don't buy stinky stuff you won't wear
  5. Buy essentials
  6. Staple peices
Have a think about what you really need or invest in getting next years cosy cardigans or winter jacket. If you live in Scotland you may as well stock up for now since it's never getting warm.

My plan is holiday mode. I really grudge paying full price for swimwear and other little holiday bits because I live in a freezing country so these items only get worn once a year. This makes it easy shopping for me as I know what I'm looking for.

Popping into Fort Kinnard wasn't what I thought It was going to be. I had in my mind that it was going to be crazy like loads of places are at the sales but this was far from it. River Island was busy but not uncomfortable and there was so much to choose from! I knew I had to stick to my budget and shop for what I needed.

I managed to pick up a few little bits..

Sunglasses £3 
Top £8
Bikini bottoms £3
Scrunchies £2

Swimsuit  £7
Bikini top  £8
Bikini bottoms  £14

I really only needed little bits and bobs as I already have so many outfits packed and I was lacking in some swimwear. I never ordered anything online (silly coco) and leaving it so last minute meant I started to panic. Without fail River Island had these little gems hiding away. If you don't mind a good hunt like myself (I love a good bargain hunt) then make sure you pop into store. 

Ps see that swimsuit it's a size 11-12 years in the children section, although it was in the normal swimwear bit so apologies if your looking for it and can't find it. I'm super shocked because it looked like a size 8 and I never usually fit into normal sized swimsuits due to my weird long torso but hey River Island surprised me again!

Sale shopping is always a pick and mix and you can make it super fun, how did you think I got on? 

This post was sponsored by Fort Kinnaird. Coco made her do it is a PR friendly blog. This means that from time to time I am sent products or items to try out and consider for a review or post. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never feature something on Coco made her do it that I didn't truly love or believe in or like. I am always very honest with my readers just as I expect others to be with me. If I have been sent something by a company it will be marked with a (*) so that you are aware and can keep track if you wish. If you are a PR and would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me: cocofindlay@gmail.com