4 December 2014

My Next Christmas Wish list

I love a good christmas wish list so I do, In fact I approve of wish lists anytime of the year! All my fave bloggers are in the full swing of there wish listing so I thought I would kick start mine with all my favourite bits from Next. I'm a fan of Next thanks to my wee mammy whom orders all the new collections on a weekly basis leaving me always so envious. 
If mermaids had feet they would probably wear these. They are deliciously shiny and the perfect xmas shoe for the mermaid lover.

Black Jacket£50
There is nothing I love more than a lady in a suit. A suit jacket can turn any outfit into something much hotter and surprisingly it's absent from my wardrobe. My last ones were a bit naff so I have been meaning to get another one which I might just do soon!

Knitwear is a wardrobe essential in my eyes and I am always on the lookout for different styles. This is perfect for a casual or dressed up look and can be worn in so many ways!! My grey roll neck is too small for me now (christmas padding boo) so this would be perfect!

I do love a leather look skirt and after seeing this modelled on the Next website with a lovely knit, it gave me loads of styling ideas! I would end up wearing this all the time with my boots and jumpers! Perfect for the christmas season.

As you may or may not know I'm away to Australia next month for 4 weeks and I am on the hunt for some things to take with me. When all your thinking about is christmas jumpers and sequins, it's proving to be quite difficult especially on a budget! This jumpsuit would be perfect for lunch in the city or hot beach days! 

I really love the face of this watch as its so simple and plain. I'm also a big fan of strap watches! December is a busy month and god forbid I'm late for anything! Must have. 

I don't have much leopard print in my life, if any actually and I feel this would be a perfect addition. A tiny bit of leopard print to a really chic outfit can totally make it. This envelope clutch would be perfect for that simplistic outfit that needs that little extra. 

What would you ask Santa to leave under the tree from Next this year? #nextmaswishlist

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