11 December 2014

Hairaisers - Dessata bright hair detangling brush

If you don't use a tangle teaser then I have no idea how you get by in life. I actually cannot live without mine and if I happen to forget it when I go out, there is serious problem. If you are still using normal brushes then you really need to give these a try. All I know is that detangling hairbrushes are the only way of life for long/tuggy/dyed hair. 

Walking along Princess Street, Edinburgh doing some Christmas shopping, my mum put the question to me 'What do you want for Christmas' at this moment in time there was a very very strong wind in Edinburgh and my hair was flying about everywhere. I then realised it was about time I got a new brush. My current Tangle teaser is the one that you always see in the shops and it has served me very well. To the point it is looking extremely worse for wear and I knew I needed a new one. 

That evening I received an email from Hairaisers. Established in 1968 Hairaisers is one of the oldest and most respected hair extensions and wigs distributors in Europe. 

Without going into too much detail they feel amazing on your scalp which the other tangle teaser didn't. What also made me very excited was the Dessata brushes are made with a special gel coated on the bristles which means it won't make your hair static. 

Having heavily dyed hair means it gets static a lot so this is a huge plus for me. Then of course these limited edition ones are just gorgeous! I picked the Chrome Rose Gold* as I thought this was the prettiest but they also come in pink and gold. In the limited edition set it comes with a generous sized brush and a mini one which is perfect for your handbag!

Really lovely christmas pressie! Check them out here


  1. This looks amazing! I've been wanting to try a tangle teaser for a while now, this one looks so special!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

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