18 December 2014


A few weeks ago I was invited along to the Dr. Martens store in Edinburgh to chat all things boots, new campaigns, how I can get involved in the store and becoming a brand ambassador.

For as long as I can remember Dr. Martens to me was all about being yourself, wearing whatever the hell you wanted and for all the cool folks. Years went by and I found myself drooling over all my pals shoes/boots and wishing I had some! Why didn't I have any? To be honest it took me a really long time to discover my own sense of style and feel comfortable in whatever I wore. 

Dr. Martens opened in Edinburgh 2013 bringing a real buzz to the capital. Dr. Martens launched a campaign called #standforsomething and it defiantly makes you stop and think. Visiting the store made me realise what I stand for and how much I have grown into the person I am today. I stand for being true to myself, wearing whatever I feel like and totally loving it! Promising myself to never shy away from a brand I love because I'm unsure what my style is. If your not sure, there is no harm in trying. Experiment, play, be creative and make mistakes. 

Dr. Martens in Edinburgh made me realise the brand has so much to offer. They have the most amazing bomber jackets which I must have! The quality in the products have never slipped and continue to rival the stores on Princess Street, Edinburgh. 

I decided to go with the classic 1460 in black*. I feel these boots are the most iconic and it's the boots I am forever loving when other people have them on. Not to worry though because they do so many different styles to suit every individual. 

Oh and you know how everyone always says they take ages to break in and sometimes people buy them already worn in!? (crazy) I don't know if it's cause I have weird feet but I have had no pain from them at all. None what so ever. I find myself in them nearly every day because I find them so comfortable so there you go! Don't let stories put you off!

Thanks to the lovely supervisor Gemma who gave me all the chat on the store, the goodie bag and of course my boots. I can't wait to work with the store in future!

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