31 December 2014


What a crazy year it's been. As always time is flying by and for me I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to 2014. It's been one of my lowest years to date bringing a lot of sadness in myself, relationships and my family.

One things for sure is 2014 has been a massive learning curve. I've learned more about myself than I ever have done before. Starting and finishing (about to) therapy has opened up my eyes and given me so much more depth to my life. Remembering how strong I am and never giving up on what I deserve be that my personal or work life.

For someone whom has stopped and started many things through out their life and finding something that has gave me drive, hope and courage is really rewarding to see. I take inspiration from all the amazing Scottish blogs that I read daily and remember everyone is doing it for their own reasons. This year has made me get up and go meet some amazing creatives! From bloggers to designers, make-up artists to stylists, PR and marketing princesses and even some of the cutest boutiques in the land. Some of the best fashion shows and events I got to attend and collaborated with some fantastic brands.

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has followed my blog from day 1 or if your a new follower. I started this at my lowest and really just needed a little something else in my life to focus on and it's turned into something much more than I ever imagined. Some of the comments and emails I have had throughout this year has brought me to tears and I have been so touched that people have went out their way to be really positive and lovely.

Following my blog into 2015 will see me grow more into my own style. I'm still playing around and experimenting with different looks as I can never make up my mind. I guess my style reflects the many personalities that I have and I look to embrace that by showing even more sides to me!

I'm off to Australia to visit my dad and the rest of my family in a few days so it's the perfect start to the new year. Keep an eye on my travel posts throughout January and February! I have no idea what 2015 will bring but hopefully a job cause I now don't have one but also loads of amazing new memories that I can share with you all on my journey!

Here's some of the best for you.

Happy New Year, Coco.

My new kitten Teddy (latest addition to my other 2 COCO + TOASTIE)

My best friend Steph and I running away to a beach to escape a rubbish start to the year!

One of my fave cities ever - Amsterdam. 20 of my faves and I living on a ship.

Picnics with my boo Holly.

The Edinburgh Evening News.

My beautiful mums 50th surprise party.

The Crave brunch 
Some of my besties. 

The Glasgow wedding collective featuring my fave bloggers.

The move to Aberdeen with my boo.

 The last time I seen my gran.

The DUO boots event with these babies.

 Linlithgow Loch
The Day dreamer brunch in association with Debenhams.

Glasgow brewery with my buds.

 The fowlers annual xmas bash - Mad men themed.

To finish the year - back to my roots.

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