31 December 2014


What a crazy year it's been. As always time is flying by and for me I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to 2014. It's been one of my lowest years to date bringing a lot of sadness in myself, relationships and my family.

One things for sure is 2014 has been a massive learning curve. I've learned more about myself than I ever have done before. Starting and finishing (about to) therapy has opened up my eyes and given me so much more depth to my life. Remembering how strong I am and never giving up on what I deserve be that my personal or work life.

For someone whom has stopped and started many things through out their life and finding something that has gave me drive, hope and courage is really rewarding to see. I take inspiration from all the amazing Scottish blogs that I read daily and remember everyone is doing it for their own reasons. This year has made me get up and go meet some amazing creatives! From bloggers to designers, make-up artists to stylists, PR and marketing princesses and even some of the cutest boutiques in the land. Some of the best fashion shows and events I got to attend and collaborated with some fantastic brands.

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has followed my blog from day 1 or if your a new follower. I started this at my lowest and really just needed a little something else in my life to focus on and it's turned into something much more than I ever imagined. Some of the comments and emails I have had throughout this year has brought me to tears and I have been so touched that people have went out their way to be really positive and lovely.

Following my blog into 2015 will see me grow more into my own style. I'm still playing around and experimenting with different looks as I can never make up my mind. I guess my style reflects the many personalities that I have and I look to embrace that by showing even more sides to me!

I'm off to Australia to visit my dad and the rest of my family in a few days so it's the perfect start to the new year. Keep an eye on my travel posts throughout January and February! I have no idea what 2015 will bring but hopefully a job cause I now don't have one but also loads of amazing new memories that I can share with you all on my journey!

Here's some of the best for you.

Happy New Year, Coco.

My new kitten Teddy (latest addition to my other 2 COCO + TOASTIE)

My best friend Steph and I running away to a beach to escape a rubbish start to the year!

One of my fave cities ever - Amsterdam. 20 of my faves and I living on a ship.

Picnics with my boo Holly.

The Edinburgh Evening News.

My beautiful mums 50th surprise party.

The Crave brunch 
Some of my besties. 

The Glasgow wedding collective featuring my fave bloggers.

The move to Aberdeen with my boo.

 The last time I seen my gran.

The DUO boots event with these babies.

 Linlithgow Loch
The Day dreamer brunch in association with Debenhams.

Glasgow brewery with my buds.

 The fowlers annual xmas bash - Mad men themed.

To finish the year - back to my roots.

18 December 2014


A few weeks ago I was invited along to the Dr. Martens store in Edinburgh to chat all things boots, new campaigns, how I can get involved in the store and becoming a brand ambassador.

For as long as I can remember Dr. Martens to me was all about being yourself, wearing whatever the hell you wanted and for all the cool folks. Years went by and I found myself drooling over all my pals shoes/boots and wishing I had some! Why didn't I have any? To be honest it took me a really long time to discover my own sense of style and feel comfortable in whatever I wore. 

Dr. Martens opened in Edinburgh 2013 bringing a real buzz to the capital. Dr. Martens launched a campaign called #standforsomething and it defiantly makes you stop and think. Visiting the store made me realise what I stand for and how much I have grown into the person I am today. I stand for being true to myself, wearing whatever I feel like and totally loving it! Promising myself to never shy away from a brand I love because I'm unsure what my style is. If your not sure, there is no harm in trying. Experiment, play, be creative and make mistakes. 

Dr. Martens in Edinburgh made me realise the brand has so much to offer. They have the most amazing bomber jackets which I must have! The quality in the products have never slipped and continue to rival the stores on Princess Street, Edinburgh. 

I decided to go with the classic 1460 in black*. I feel these boots are the most iconic and it's the boots I am forever loving when other people have them on. Not to worry though because they do so many different styles to suit every individual. 

Oh and you know how everyone always says they take ages to break in and sometimes people buy them already worn in!? (crazy) I don't know if it's cause I have weird feet but I have had no pain from them at all. None what so ever. I find myself in them nearly every day because I find them so comfortable so there you go! Don't let stories put you off!

Thanks to the lovely supervisor Gemma who gave me all the chat on the store, the goodie bag and of course my boots. I can't wait to work with the store in future!

11 December 2014

Hairaisers - Dessata bright hair detangling brush

If you don't use a tangle teaser then I have no idea how you get by in life. I actually cannot live without mine and if I happen to forget it when I go out, there is serious problem. If you are still using normal brushes then you really need to give these a try. All I know is that detangling hairbrushes are the only way of life for long/tuggy/dyed hair. 

Walking along Princess Street, Edinburgh doing some Christmas shopping, my mum put the question to me 'What do you want for Christmas' at this moment in time there was a very very strong wind in Edinburgh and my hair was flying about everywhere. I then realised it was about time I got a new brush. My current Tangle teaser is the one that you always see in the shops and it has served me very well. To the point it is looking extremely worse for wear and I knew I needed a new one. 

That evening I received an email from Hairaisers. Established in 1968 Hairaisers is one of the oldest and most respected hair extensions and wigs distributors in Europe. 

Without going into too much detail they feel amazing on your scalp which the other tangle teaser didn't. What also made me very excited was the Dessata brushes are made with a special gel coated on the bristles which means it won't make your hair static. 

Having heavily dyed hair means it gets static a lot so this is a huge plus for me. Then of course these limited edition ones are just gorgeous! I picked the Chrome Rose Gold* as I thought this was the prettiest but they also come in pink and gold. In the limited edition set it comes with a generous sized brush and a mini one which is perfect for your handbag!

Really lovely christmas pressie! Check them out here

Glazed Apple Body Butter - The Body Shop

Over the past few weeks I have heard people talking about some new ranges in The Body Shop. I had also heard the word 'Apple' pop up in several of these overhearings I had been hearing with my little ears. Due to my severe lack of funds at the moment (mind I lost my job, then got a new yin situation) I had deliberately avoided looking in the store because I knew I would do some damage to the credit card.

The Body Shop is clearly not just heaven but they also have little angels, this little angel is called Glasgow Fort. When they got in touch to ask if I would like to sample the 'Glazed Apple Body Butter @ £13.00'  WELL YOU CAN IMAGINE. They are also mind readers. 

I have always, I repeat ALWAYS been a fan of their body butter. Mostly because they smell incredible and you can always smell it for hours later. But of course because they feel amazing on your skin. 

Okay let's get to it.

What The Body Shop say -
This mouth-watering Body Butter is a rich and delicious-smelling festive treat for softly-sweet skin. It contains Community Fair Trade shea butter.

  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
  • Buttery Texture
  • Seasonal Glazed Apple Scent

Pros -
  • It literally smells incredible. I'm a huge lover of sweet scents and this is defiantly one of them. 
  • If you love apple sweeties, you will love this. NOT TO EAT OVB. Although you do want to. No honestly it's like your dripping in apple sweeties.
  • You can rely on it making your skin feel amazing. Remember The Body Shop are known for making amazing Body Butters and this is no different. 
  • Contains community fair trade shea butter which is ovbs a good thing.

Cons - 
  • This is a seasonal exclusive which breaks my heart. It's only available through out christmas. This means a few things, I will need to wait all year to buy it again. I will also need to stock up on it but at least you will have something to look forward to every year!
  • Does not come in industrial sizes.

If you want to smell and feel like an apple goddess then you might want to try this. This is also a perfect stocking filler for the fellow apple lover and body butter queen. Grab some while you can!

 I'll smell incredible this christmas, will you?
Pop into The Body Shop, Glasgow Fort 

8 December 2014

Learning about Mental Health

I find it easier to write about mental health when it's at the fore front of my mind. If you didn't know I attend CBT sessions every two weeks. (CBT) Cognitive behaviour therapy is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. My therapist suggested writing things down, which is funny because as you know I write all the time about what I'm wearing etc. It does help writing my blog but more for my creative side. What about if I started to write about how I feel? How I approach things and I how I deal with situations in relation to mental health? 

If you read my post on 41 things that happen when dealing with mental health then you would have seen that I touched apon lots of different things that happen which a lot of people were able to relate too. However, I don't know if you noticed or not but I didn't ever say "I" or "me" etc, I made it as vague as possible. I wasn't at a stage were I felt comfortable saying these have happened to me or this is what I have. Just so you know that list has all happened to me and on more than one occasion. 

For the people who know me, know that I'm a big talker. A big talker on all aspects of my life and mental health especially, I've never been one to be shy about my health to the ones closest to me. My friends and family know that I love a good chat and I can talk for hours. The people I have ever worked with know I would or will get them in trouble for talking to me and my boyfriend who hears endless stories about what's happening and how I'm feeling. 

What happens though when I, the massive talker that I am, can't talk anymore? There's that much going on in my head that I can't even make sense of it let alone tell my nearest and dearest. You could call it a lul in emotion, a numbness, a step back or as if your looking down on yourself. It's a very bizarre feeling yet your feeling nothing at all. Some people experiancing this type of thing could be going through loads of different things. A lot of the time it's down to depression and a lot of the time it's not. Confusing huh? 

I wanted to let you know of something that I'm focusing on and something huge I learned in therapy and something that I'm still learning. You know how you get passing thoughts, things that pop up in your head day to day and they disappear as quickly as they appear? Let's call it over thinking. 

What happens when you look beyond that. Theres reasons behind every emotion, every feeling and every action that we do in life. I call it my 'Core beliefs'. My core beliefs make up these deep rooted beliefs that effect pretty much all my emotions and how I deal with situations. I'll do an example since mines is pretty heavy for my poor wee blog just now and it MIGHT help you understand.

For example - 
Lets call my example bubbles lol (this is deffo no me, mines is deffos to emosh for bedtime)
Bubbles goes through her life a big over thinker, stresses loads and usually has short periods of depression. She feels uncomfortable talking to people or in big social situations. When people speak to Bubbles, she feels like they are laughing at her, she thinks they are talking about her and this makes her very nervous. Bubbles think she's just a nervous person and she thinks it's just the anxiety.

What do you think her core beliefs are?

Bubbles has to go further than her thoughts that run through her head and understand her 'feelings'. Why does Bubbles think people are laughing at her and finding it difficult to speak to people? Because her core beliefs are telling her she's a failure. When Bubbles was younger she may have had people in her life that told her to be or act a certain way. Bubbles could have had someone successful in her family and felt inadequate as a result of this. This has then led her to act on her core belief on being 'inadequate' because that' all she knows. Her current thoughts being "I can't talk to these people, they will laugh at me because I'm a failure"

In the past you may have told your mind to be a certain way and by now you have well and truly forgotten about it but your core beliefs are the things that is driving every other emotion. Your core beliefs don't have to be bad at all but when it comes to Mental Health there is usually much stronger and deep rooted problems. 

Take me for example - Say one of my friends cancel on me and it's down to them working or they double booked. In my head I would be saying "They must not want to see me" or "They can't be bothered with me" or "They found better plans" reading that back to myself seems very over the top and silly but this is a very very small example of a tiny situation I would over analyse. What do you think my core belief would be here? My deep rooted belief is abandonment and I can turn the smallest thing into someone leaving me and realistically your friends and your core belief is so far away from each other on the spectrum it's truly baffling how I can even relate such a small situation into a massive one. 

It's a hard one to get your mind across but once you do start to understand it, it can become very interesting and easier to understand why you behave a certain way. I'm learning things every day about myself but the more I'm aware, the more I want to help myself. Try not to be too hard on yourself if you act in a way you can't quite understand, educate yourself as this will help you get a clearer picture. 

Start talking about it and understand that you or your loved one might have different, unexplained reasons why they react to things in a certain manner, for all you know it could be something thats triggered that core belief and you/they might not even realise it. 


7 December 2014

When you find shoes in TK Maxx

As you know I attended the #daydreamerbrunch the other day and this is what I wore to it.

Coat - Vintage (similar here)
Jumper - Zara - old(similar here)
Jeans - Bershka - old (similar here)
Shoes - & Other Stories - sold out 
Bag - Primark

When I go shopping in TK Maxx I always make a point of looking at their shoes. Over the years I've always found little treats in their shoe section and they always come up with the most exciting brands. How they manage to get a hold of some of these brands is beyond me! When I first seen these shoes, I totally fell in love. Come to think of it, I've never owned a pair of green shoes but I knew these were special. Once I had realised they were from & Other Stories, I had to get them!! My lovely step dad bought me them as a treat (since I'm skint). Over the moon so I was.

On that note get yourself into TK Maxx! They had another pair of & Other Stories green heels and oh my god. They were incredible but my stupid feet wouldn't fit into them. They also have loads of Dr. Martens, Kickers and Carvella.

Back to the #daydreamerbrunch - I knew I had to be comfy as I was going for brunch, food - hello!? I picked up these jeans when I was in Spain at the start of the year in Bershka. This was at a time before Topshop done ripped jeans and I can remember paying a fortune for them! They are soo comfy since they are high waisted, I actually can't bear wearing jeans that are not high waisted anymore (must hide food belly). It was a really crisp morning and I was going into Edinburgh after for some shopping, so I had to make sure I would be warm. Knits are always best from Zara and wearing it under my vintage coat meant I was super cosy.

What's your thoughts on the green shoes? Everyone needs to have some Willy Wonka shoes at some point in their life, right?


4 December 2014

My Next Christmas Wish list

I love a good christmas wish list so I do, In fact I approve of wish lists anytime of the year! All my fave bloggers are in the full swing of there wish listing so I thought I would kick start mine with all my favourite bits from Next. I'm a fan of Next thanks to my wee mammy whom orders all the new collections on a weekly basis leaving me always so envious. 
If mermaids had feet they would probably wear these. They are deliciously shiny and the perfect xmas shoe for the mermaid lover.

Black Jacket£50
There is nothing I love more than a lady in a suit. A suit jacket can turn any outfit into something much hotter and surprisingly it's absent from my wardrobe. My last ones were a bit naff so I have been meaning to get another one which I might just do soon!

Knitwear is a wardrobe essential in my eyes and I am always on the lookout for different styles. This is perfect for a casual or dressed up look and can be worn in so many ways!! My grey roll neck is too small for me now (christmas padding boo) so this would be perfect!

I do love a leather look skirt and after seeing this modelled on the Next website with a lovely knit, it gave me loads of styling ideas! I would end up wearing this all the time with my boots and jumpers! Perfect for the christmas season.

As you may or may not know I'm away to Australia next month for 4 weeks and I am on the hunt for some things to take with me. When all your thinking about is christmas jumpers and sequins, it's proving to be quite difficult especially on a budget! This jumpsuit would be perfect for lunch in the city or hot beach days! 

I really love the face of this watch as its so simple and plain. I'm also a big fan of strap watches! December is a busy month and god forbid I'm late for anything! Must have. 

I don't have much leopard print in my life, if any actually and I feel this would be a perfect addition. A tiny bit of leopard print to a really chic outfit can totally make it. This envelope clutch would be perfect for that simplistic outfit that needs that little extra. 

What would you ask Santa to leave under the tree from Next this year? #nextmaswishlist

Check out my review on Everything Cosmetic

“ I wanted to create an Eau De Parfum with an edge but still have a provocative blend of femininity. It had to be a scent that women would love to wear and that men would adore on them. LIGHT & DARK is a powerful mood enhancer and the perfect tool for seduction ” Leighton Denny

Have a read of my review on Everything Cosmetic about Leighton Denny's new Eau De Parfum! 

2 December 2014

#daydreamerbrunch in association with Debenhams

Sometimes people get the impression that being a blogger means you get loads of 'perks'. Sometimes this is the case, and other times it's not. Please note - this post is one of them 'perks' post.

A few weeks ago I received a really lovely email from blogger Christina Miller - (thedaydreamer) inviting me to The Bonham hotel, Edinburgh for some brunch, make overs and a look at the designers at Debenhams AW14 collection. I was really looking forward to this!


It was such a lovely brunch and so chilled out. I ate and chatted until my heart was content. Meeting a few of the girls from the Debenhams PR team was awesome since I always get to see what the girls are upto online, it was nice to finally get a chance to chat.

Of course Christina #daydreamerbrunch was wonderful and her idea behind the brunch was to get a catch up with all her fave bloggers in the city. Like myself, Christina is not from Edinburgh or Glasgow so it can be quite hard to get a chance to meet everyone who you follow online. It was really nice to finally meet her.

The Bonham hotel was just beautiful and catered to all our needs! I would love to stay there in the future, so pretty and elegant.

Urban Decay was also on hand to pamper our faces and make us drool over all there new bits and bobs. I have my eye on the 'Naked 2 Basics' (I love matte stuff).

I also got to meet Timeless candles founder Liana Mullen who was so sweet and I made her pose for pics (soz but you look lovely!).

Always a pleasure to see the Edinburgh blogging gals too!

On top of that we were treated to this amazing goodie bag full of Ishga - Scottish Seaweed Skincare products, Timeless candles (UNREAL btw), Ole Henriksen products, balance Me filler, The Skinny Tea Co and Urban Decay make up,

What I wore to the brunch will be online soon - keep an eye out!

Thanks again Christina, Debenhams and The Bonham - fabulous morning. What did your morning look like? let me know in the comments below!