12 November 2014

What's up Wednesday's (week 1)

Writing so much every week means you can quickly run out of ideas. It also means my little brain grasps onto any bit of creativity I can get. Introducing 'What's up Wednesday's'. If you haven't already read my page on this topic, go do it now http://www.cocomadeherdoit.com/p/askcoco.html
The idea is to bring a bit more of my personality to my blog and make it more individual. You know how you get certain friends whom are good for stuff eg- (some are better for certain things) SO you get the one that's good on a night out, the one who's good at fashion, the one who brings you out of feeling rubbish, the funny one and so on. Well it's become very apparent that since well, FOREVER, I am the agony aunt pal. Tends to be relationship stuff, that could be with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your pure annoying boss. Since most of my life is now on my blog let's just make it easier for everyone to pop in a lil question. 
This also made sense to me when I wrote that post on Mental Health (you know the 1)41 things that happen when dealing with a mental health illness a lot of people had questions on how to deal with certain things, it only makes sense to have it all in the one place. You know #askcoco

ANYWAY onto the pure juicy bit..

Question 1 - 

Hello coco,

So I would like some advice on a problem that appears to come about with not just myself but a few single friends of mine when you start seeing a new guy....

So as a single gal... And never looking for something oh so serious, it would seem that my laid back approach to when I start seeing a new guy always back fires!

Can you help with some advice or info on if you are not a clingy physco bitch no guy tends to stay keen?

Is this a 'type' of guy, or does being particularly forward/clingy/despo keep them keen?

I look forward to your input :)

Answer 1- 

Ok so this is actually a difficult one to start with. Being laid back is awesome and probably slightly uncommon now. With the new age of social media it can become very easy for us girls and guys to latch onto false ideas of what is actually happening with another person.

If your laid back then make sure you never change who you are. If your comfortable within yourself and you don't feel the need to be clingy then good for you. Personally I think it's always best to be laid back because at the end of the day you are just starting to get to know someone, spend sometime with them and really get a good in-sight to what this person is like. 

Showing that your easy going is a big YES for guys so keep at it. The problem that your having is when this becomes not enough. Remember guys like reassurance too and if the dates have been going well then your obviously doing something right. 

I guess it's just about where that line is. When does it become acceptable to go past that line and say 'I like you and let's see each other more'. If guys feel like your too laid back they could almost mistake that for 'not that interested'. You need to decide wether you take that step to be open and honest as you never know it could go your way! Of course if it doesn't then you at least know it's not the right person.

It's so hard nowadays when everyone is so protective of themselves and no one wants to put themselves out there. At the end of the day if you do, your only going to get the answer you want or the answer to stop you wasting your time. Until you do that though, you will be both waiting around. 

I only have 1 question this week to see how the new feature would work. What do you guys and gals think? Remember everything is anonymous as you only have to send in your questions on my #askcoco page. I'M READY FOR YA


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