16 November 2014

We don't always get it right

Jeans - Primark
Bag - Primark
Shoes - H&M
Shirt - Vintage
Jacket - Levis
T-shirt - Primark

This is for sure one of those 'fling together' type of outfits. Not much effort has been put into this one.  I wore this when I was going along to Carolyn Baxter's boutique last week and I was actually too busy playing with some new make-up to realise the time. I'm not great at make-up so when I was sent some new stuff (will be featured soon) I thought I would get right into it. This then meant I didn't leave enough time to outfit plan!! Plus it was miserable outside (as you can tell by the pics) and I had a lot of walking to do when I got into Edinburgh so I wasn't overly fussed.

With all the above taken into consideration it's no the worst. Although, I loved my loose shirt which I managed to pick up from that vintage fair I was at a few weeks ago! It reminds me of something Monica or Rachael would wear in Friends. I tried to wear it buttoned up but it doesn't sit great so it works much better over things. I guess the relaxed look is better or easier, sometimes. Would you class it as relaxed? I'm no meaning relaxed like a pair of mom jeans, a T- shirt and flip flops but in winter I think it's hard to have a non fussy outfit without looking to dressed up etc.

So yeah I'm no buzzing myself over this outfit but hey we don't always get it right, do we?


  1. Your hair is AMAZING. Seriously I love it it looks so good! Great outfit too, love the shoes you picked. :)


  2. I actually like this look! So effortless and I know I say this all the time but your hair is just stunning! love it curly even more :) xxxx