1 November 2014

The warmth of November

I realised I have became extremely lazy with my fashion posts. With it now becoming pitch black at 4pm, I can no longer take photos of my outfits after work. As I work Monday - Friday, there is no way I would be able to nip out and do some blogging. This now leaves me the weekends. If I happen to have a night out (doesn't happen much) then that's me wiped out as I will be prepping for going out and then I will be hungover the following day. My weekends are extremely precious now especially since my boyfriend moved to Aberdeen. Meaning I really just want to cuddle up on the couch and drink tea. 

The problem with this becoming my routine is my blog efforts slip. I can easily fill my blog with pages of other things I like to talk about but my main love is fashion and styling outfits together. When I see other bloggers and how amazing they are doing, I can't help but have a slight pang that I am missing out. At this stage I've had to take a step back and weigh up what I really want to be doing. 

Another problem I would put in-front of myself would be where I live. I don't live in a beautiful city like Edinburgh or Glasgow, where the photos are jaw droppingly stunning. I must remember that not all bloggers live in the city and you can still take lovely photos elsewhere. It's so easy to forget and all I need to do is be a little more creative. 

My blog is a huge part of my life now and I get a great sense of achievement from it. Coming from someone whom has had a really bad year whilst fighting my own mental health problems, I must not forget how much this has been my saviour. Before I didn't have something I could put my sole focus on but now I do. This has made me realise that I shouldn't be lazy with my blog, I shouldn't put this last and I shouldn't let it take a back seat. This is my passion and I absolutely love writing and keeping it up to date.

Today has meant I got my finger oot and took my boyfriend (fraser) out for some classic outfit looks. I'm really happy with these shots and it's surprising what you can get when you put a little effort in. 

It was such a beautiful day and I would have been silly to not use it to my advantage. Considering this is the 1st of November it was surprisingly warm. I couldn't wait to get some snaps in my new DUO boots. As you would have seen from my previous post, I got spoilt from DUO which is a boot fitting room in Edinburgh.* 

I paired this with my new favourite coat I picked up from a vintage sale. I love the cord sleeves and with it being really heavy it looks waaaaay more expensive than the tenner I paid for it. 

Finishing it off with a jumper from Zara (25), Skirt from H&M(10) and Scarf from Primark (last years) and my classic black handbag from Karen Millen.

How would you have styled your DUO boots?



  1. Really love your sunglasses and outfit! You look beautiful!


  2. Love this outfit, especially the scarf! Just followed you on bloglovin and can't wait to read more posts from you x