23 November 2014

The real me

9 times out of 10 this is how you will find me. I feel at my best in my black skinny's, trainers, parka and T. I feel comfortable, relaxed and very me. I love putting together outfits and getting dressed up but realistically you will probably see the real side of me when I'm dressed like this.

This outfit was first put together when I was heading into Edinburgh for a stroll and some drinks. Some drinks ended up turning into a lot of drinks, whilst going in and out of different bars. As I'm dressed relaxed, I then feel relaxed. It's that whole circle of emotions or suhin they call it. Anyway, I picked up these unreal Vans in TKMAX for like 24 quid, which is crazy because I seen some girl on Instagram with them on and ever since I've been hunting them down. Sadly they cost a bomb online and I couldn't justify it. Of course though TKMAX came out on top, again.

I've blogged about this raglan top from Abandon Ship Apparel before but it's still a fave of mine. I bought it in a mens medium which means it's long and oversized which I like. I've had this parka for years and it's from ASOS. It's such an annoying jacket because the insides are detachable which you would think is well good but it's no. It always catches on stuff and is always coming apart but it's ALWAYS reliable and I can't part from it, it's done me a fair few winters.

Last but not least my Style Edit bag, again essential for all essentials. It's a good big tote size and because I'm super lazy I like throwing loads of stuff in it. Which is why the top being so open is really good for me.

I guess yeah, this is very much the real me. It's my safe go to and what I feel the best in. Which is strange cause I know a lot of people want to be chic and dolled up but I do that so much that I really enjoy this side of my style. Very much the secret tom boy, what's your secret style?

Top - Abandon Ship Apparel (similar here)
Jeans - Primark
Bag - Style Edit 
Parka - ASOS (similar here)


  1. yeh that´s pretty much what my every day outfit look like as well :D love it x3 esp the cool vans

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Nice pics and great outfit! :D
    xx Lisbeth

  3. Nice outfit. xx