5 November 2014

Oversized at it's best

I have been meaning to show you guys this jumper for ages! This beautiful bat-winged jumper is an Autumn/Winter MUST. I got this about 4 years ago from H&M when I was planning a trip to Paris (it fell through, lonnnnnng story). Four years ago was a time where I never looked at myself as having any sense of style at all. Who would have known? Baby coco was just waiting to bloom and she was stocking up on little treats like this for times like now!

To be honest the whole oversized jumper and knitted capes are super must haves when it comes to this time of year. If you purchase a couple of different styles/colours then your pretty much sorted. By mixing and matching with different outfits you will never fail to look bang on trend and of course stay as cosy as one could ever be.

I wanted to create a timeless look and by keeping this within 2 colours it worked a treat! This amazing pleated skirt is from Next - Buy here (28 pounds). With it being from Next, obviously the quality is amazing. It's quite a heavy material which means the pleats will stay in place.

I won a blogger competition with Next a few months ago and this was one of the items I picked. Such a versatile skirt as I had worn this in Summer and now I'm bringing it into the next season with me.

I also added this faux fur scarf (I actually dunno what you call them?) to bring the outfit together. I always feel a little faux fur can make an outfit look a bit more expensive - which can only be a good thing! Would you go for some fur? OR NAH?

All you then need is a classic pointed heel and your fave black bag and you are good to go!

Heels - Primark
Bag - Karen Millen


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  1. I love this outfit! I love how you have paired it with the full midi skirt too. What could end up looking very ''boyish'' you have made it look ever so elegant! I love your style, I have just clicked follow on bloglovin :)
    Rebecca xxx