14 November 2014

I can't let you go

Jacket - Zara (similar here) Jumper - Zara (similar)  Shoes - Next (buy) Bag - Primark (similar) Tights - UK Tights Wolford * (buy) Skirt - H&M (similar)

At this point I would just like to say - see these tights OMG. I have never invested in a quality pair of tights before, purely because I thought well 'what was the point they always rip?' oh no no no. UK tights sent me these out to try and I am in awe of them. As soon as I put them on I couldn't even believe how amazing my legs felt. You know how sometimes you can find something that feels nice and you never want to stop touching it - this is exactly what was happening with me. Incredible.

It's friday morning and I'm lying in bed listening to Robin Thicke - Teach U a Lesson. It's a strange morning, eerie and slightly unsettled for me. Yesterday I found out I lost my job, I always knew it wouldn't be a life long career but I guess I didn't expect it to go so soon. Whilst I went into panic mode applying for everything under the sun, it just so happened one of my best friends said her work were taking on and how quick can I get to Edinburgh.

Baring in mind I had been trying not to cry all day and my hair was looking horrific, the thought of an interview within the next couple of hours made me straighten up - quick. I'm certainly not one of these people who will sit around and wait for work. I've never not had a job since I turned 16 so I wasn't going to start now. I left the office with no goodbyes and drove home as fast as I could. Turning up to my house, my neighbour smiled with delight as he shouted over that there were several packages here for me. Now usually this is my favourite part of my day, but today I didn't have time to enjoy them let alone open them.

As soon as I seen the H&M packaging I could have cried. After the anticipation of the Alexander Wang x HM collection, spending my life savings on it and deciding very carefully what bits I wanted, not being able to open it straight away WELL you can imagine the pang in my lil heart. Anyway the parcels were tossed to the side and away I went to wash my hair. Now as my hair isn't brown anymore I tend to spread out washing it and when I do it's an occasion. Washing this hair quickly is not a good idea and never turns out well. My mums poor bathroom looked like Violet Beauregarde puked in the shower, purple shampoo everywhere!

To my surprise I got ready super quickly and off to Edinburgh it was. The interview went really well considering I had no preparation time. Off I went back home and at this point it was 8pm and my day was already exceeding 14 hours so to say I was a sleepy girl was an understatement. Chinese? aye that's exactly what I needed - although the crispy chilli chicken was obviously drenched in vinegar or something and well that just ruined it. At this point, it was time for bed.

I came to realise, blogging is so easy to become very samesie. My blog is here for me and it really helps me focus and put things into perspective. This then means sometimes I may have so much information going on in my head the only healthy way to deal with it is to write it all down. It just so happens there are people who now read my blog which is crazy but also very grateful. Everyone is so supportive and it's really lovely.

I totally now believe that if you can find something you really enjoy and you get a lot of of then really go for it. I feel like thanking my blog and how much it has helped me get through this year and the many lows I have had, but also remembering that it's me behind the blog and how far I have came. I need to thank myself for getting myself through this year and that there is so much positivity if you go out and seek it.

If you have an urge to do something wether it be blogging or starting something new, go for it. Only you can be that person and you will only thank yourself later for it.

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  1. Hi Nicole, thanks for taking the time of trying on the tights. We're glad you like them. Wolford is one of our best brands and it's actually got its own army of followers. I've just had a flashback when I've read it. When I started to work at UK Tights, Dawn gave me my first pair of Wolford and they're since then one of my favourite garments. Being an intern, I used to buy cheap tights, but once you try the expensive ones your way of looking at them changes!!
    I hope all your effort is paid off. Even if you don't get to reach your objectives, there's always something to learn from. All the best in your projects and thanks again! X