20 November 2014

Get your fashion fix

Brogues - BUY*
Bag - BUY*
Leather trousers - Primark
T- shirt - Alexander wang x HM (sold out)
Denim Jacket - (boyfriends)

At the moment my life has became slightly manic. Loosing my job last thursday and getting a new job by the friday has meant my shifts are now all over the place. I'm working long hours and weekends which means I am missing time with my boo and of course my blog. I literally have no time to do anything so this one is a quick little post so you can get your fashion fix by Style Edit. 

Style Edit
"A UK based fashion website - dedicated to bring ladies fashion to you at an affordable prices."

Style Edit is a website I have followed for some time over on Instagram and they have such hidden gems! The team is fantastic, with great customer service and look how cute my little shoes are, perfect with a pair of skinnies. Coming into winter means it's not always sensible to wear heels and if your sick of wearing boots then these are a great alternative. Also welcoming my new tote bag, it's a great size and with the million things us gals put in our bags it's more than roomy. Fab prices and the bag is so soft. Anything that feels good, I'm a fan.

I could write a list from the website or you can go look yourself below..

Check out their website www.styleedit.co.uk 

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