27 November 2014


When Scotland Re:designed invited me along to their 2014 showcase I was pretty buzzing. It's one of the most exciting fashion projects in Scotland and to be honest I have no idea how I managed to get an invite. The guest list was packed to the brim of Scottish talent and thats not including the special guests that attended. 

What I'm wearing
Dress & Heels - Alexander Wang x HM (sold out)
Jacket - Zara
Fur Gilet - Topshop
Bag - Karen Millen 

Make up 
by Susan Cuthbert 

"SCOTLAND RE:DESIGNED is a platform which champions Scotland's dazzling fashion and textile sectors, in a consumer and trade showcase of EXHIBITIONS, WORKSHOPS AND SHOWS; attended by top buyers and media from around the world."

Details of the invite looked a little like this..

The renowned SR:D showcase runway is returning to Glasgow. Our show will feature womenswear, menswear and accessories exhibitors, as selected by our expert panel from a record breaking number of applicants.

The best Scottish design talent will create a dazzling display in contemporary arts venue SWG3. Historically an exclusive industry event we are delighted this year to accommodate a small allocation of public tickets. Therefore in addition to our invited industry guests, public wishing to attend can buy tickets and experience a new dawn of design and creativity in Scotland.

The Panel included Sarah Curran MBE (Managing Director Very Exclusive), Melanie Rickey (Founder and Editor in Chief fashioneditoratlarge.com), Simon Carter (Designer and owner Simon Carter Ltd), Sarah Murray (Buyer and owner jane Daviidson), David Watts (Fashion Business Advisor), William Knight (Director of 100% Design) and Susanne Tide-Frater (Fashion Director farfetch.com).

Photos by Dennis McInally

Designers who showcased - 
Cats Brothers
Common People
Dana Finnigan
Euan Mcwirter
Fiona Somerville
Hatti Pattison 
Helen Ruth
Iona Crawford
Mairi Mcdonald
Strathberry of Scotland

The lovely Diarmid Mackinnon (Assistant manager @ the Scotland Re:designed Ocean Terminal store) and I.

I was going to apologise for the poor quality of my photos there but then I remembered it's my blog (dae wit a want). When myself and Farah(Faz fashion diary) arrived at the event it was packed full of people. The buzz in the air was quite surreal and I've never been to anything like it. We were greeted with mulled wine with sugar round the cup and I have always hated mulled wine but when I was having a little sip I couldn't understand why I suddenly LOVED it. After chatting away to award winning designer Helen Ruth(cutest lil lady ever) she reminded me it's red wine, it then clicked, in the past year I have fallen in love with red wine. Yeah so I was pretty much sorted for the rest of the night.

We were all shuffled into the brightest whitest coolest room ever. I bet there's loads of proper words I should be using to describe the beautifulness of this room but that's no going to happen. All I can say is my feet was in some white sand stuff and it was pretty spectacular. 

I met some incredible designers and industry faves. After being handed some champagne it was time to find my seat for the show to start. It was in a location I can only describe as being in a movie style abandoned warehouse.. but with super special lighting..(unreal)

I found my seat with my name on it (wit) and the show begun. The quality in the designs was over and above everything I could ever have imagined. You couldn't help but feel immensely proud to be Scottish and getting to see the exceptional talent emerging from your own soil. Scotland Re:designed has really set the bar in Scotland and it's very clear that this is just the start of a very exciting future for Scotland. 

I had an incredible night, one which I am still over the moon to have been apart of. I can't wait to see what Scotland Re:designed has up there sleeve for the future! Thank you again. 

Website - www.scotlandredesigned.com

23 November 2014

The real me

9 times out of 10 this is how you will find me. I feel at my best in my black skinny's, trainers, parka and T. I feel comfortable, relaxed and very me. I love putting together outfits and getting dressed up but realistically you will probably see the real side of me when I'm dressed like this.

This outfit was first put together when I was heading into Edinburgh for a stroll and some drinks. Some drinks ended up turning into a lot of drinks, whilst going in and out of different bars. As I'm dressed relaxed, I then feel relaxed. It's that whole circle of emotions or suhin they call it. Anyway, I picked up these unreal Vans in TKMAX for like 24 quid, which is crazy because I seen some girl on Instagram with them on and ever since I've been hunting them down. Sadly they cost a bomb online and I couldn't justify it. Of course though TKMAX came out on top, again.

I've blogged about this raglan top from Abandon Ship Apparel before but it's still a fave of mine. I bought it in a mens medium which means it's long and oversized which I like. I've had this parka for years and it's from ASOS. It's such an annoying jacket because the insides are detachable which you would think is well good but it's no. It always catches on stuff and is always coming apart but it's ALWAYS reliable and I can't part from it, it's done me a fair few winters.

Last but not least my Style Edit bag, again essential for all essentials. It's a good big tote size and because I'm super lazy I like throwing loads of stuff in it. Which is why the top being so open is really good for me.

I guess yeah, this is very much the real me. It's my safe go to and what I feel the best in. Which is strange cause I know a lot of people want to be chic and dolled up but I do that so much that I really enjoy this side of my style. Very much the secret tom boy, what's your secret style?

Top - Abandon Ship Apparel (similar here)
Jeans - Primark
Bag - Style Edit 
Parka - ASOS (similar here)

20 November 2014

Get your fashion fix

Brogues - BUY*
Bag - BUY*
Leather trousers - Primark
T- shirt - Alexander wang x HM (sold out)
Denim Jacket - (boyfriends)

At the moment my life has became slightly manic. Loosing my job last thursday and getting a new job by the friday has meant my shifts are now all over the place. I'm working long hours and weekends which means I am missing time with my boo and of course my blog. I literally have no time to do anything so this one is a quick little post so you can get your fashion fix by Style Edit. 

Style Edit
"A UK based fashion website - dedicated to bring ladies fashion to you at an affordable prices."

Style Edit is a website I have followed for some time over on Instagram and they have such hidden gems! The team is fantastic, with great customer service and look how cute my little shoes are, perfect with a pair of skinnies. Coming into winter means it's not always sensible to wear heels and if your sick of wearing boots then these are a great alternative. Also welcoming my new tote bag, it's a great size and with the million things us gals put in our bags it's more than roomy. Fab prices and the bag is so soft. Anything that feels good, I'm a fan.

I could write a list from the website or you can go look yourself below..

Check out their website www.styleedit.co.uk 

16 November 2014

We don't always get it right

Jeans - Primark
Bag - Primark
Shoes - H&M
Shirt - Vintage
Jacket - Levis
T-shirt - Primark

This is for sure one of those 'fling together' type of outfits. Not much effort has been put into this one.  I wore this when I was going along to Carolyn Baxter's boutique last week and I was actually too busy playing with some new make-up to realise the time. I'm not great at make-up so when I was sent some new stuff (will be featured soon) I thought I would get right into it. This then meant I didn't leave enough time to outfit plan!! Plus it was miserable outside (as you can tell by the pics) and I had a lot of walking to do when I got into Edinburgh so I wasn't overly fussed.

With all the above taken into consideration it's no the worst. Although, I loved my loose shirt which I managed to pick up from that vintage fair I was at a few weeks ago! It reminds me of something Monica or Rachael would wear in Friends. I tried to wear it buttoned up but it doesn't sit great so it works much better over things. I guess the relaxed look is better or easier, sometimes. Would you class it as relaxed? I'm no meaning relaxed like a pair of mom jeans, a T- shirt and flip flops but in winter I think it's hard to have a non fussy outfit without looking to dressed up etc.

So yeah I'm no buzzing myself over this outfit but hey we don't always get it right, do we?

14 November 2014

I can't let you go

Jacket - Zara (similar here) Jumper - Zara (similar)  Shoes - Next (buy) Bag - Primark (similar) Tights - UK Tights Wolford * (buy) Skirt - H&M (similar)

At this point I would just like to say - see these tights OMG. I have never invested in a quality pair of tights before, purely because I thought well 'what was the point they always rip?' oh no no no. UK tights sent me these out to try and I am in awe of them. As soon as I put them on I couldn't even believe how amazing my legs felt. You know how sometimes you can find something that feels nice and you never want to stop touching it - this is exactly what was happening with me. Incredible.

It's friday morning and I'm lying in bed listening to Robin Thicke - Teach U a Lesson. It's a strange morning, eerie and slightly unsettled for me. Yesterday I found out I lost my job, I always knew it wouldn't be a life long career but I guess I didn't expect it to go so soon. Whilst I went into panic mode applying for everything under the sun, it just so happened one of my best friends said her work were taking on and how quick can I get to Edinburgh.

Baring in mind I had been trying not to cry all day and my hair was looking horrific, the thought of an interview within the next couple of hours made me straighten up - quick. I'm certainly not one of these people who will sit around and wait for work. I've never not had a job since I turned 16 so I wasn't going to start now. I left the office with no goodbyes and drove home as fast as I could. Turning up to my house, my neighbour smiled with delight as he shouted over that there were several packages here for me. Now usually this is my favourite part of my day, but today I didn't have time to enjoy them let alone open them.

As soon as I seen the H&M packaging I could have cried. After the anticipation of the Alexander Wang x HM collection, spending my life savings on it and deciding very carefully what bits I wanted, not being able to open it straight away WELL you can imagine the pang in my lil heart. Anyway the parcels were tossed to the side and away I went to wash my hair. Now as my hair isn't brown anymore I tend to spread out washing it and when I do it's an occasion. Washing this hair quickly is not a good idea and never turns out well. My mums poor bathroom looked like Violet Beauregarde puked in the shower, purple shampoo everywhere!

To my surprise I got ready super quickly and off to Edinburgh it was. The interview went really well considering I had no preparation time. Off I went back home and at this point it was 8pm and my day was already exceeding 14 hours so to say I was a sleepy girl was an understatement. Chinese? aye that's exactly what I needed - although the crispy chilli chicken was obviously drenched in vinegar or something and well that just ruined it. At this point, it was time for bed.

I came to realise, blogging is so easy to become very samesie. My blog is here for me and it really helps me focus and put things into perspective. This then means sometimes I may have so much information going on in my head the only healthy way to deal with it is to write it all down. It just so happens there are people who now read my blog which is crazy but also very grateful. Everyone is so supportive and it's really lovely.

I totally now believe that if you can find something you really enjoy and you get a lot of of then really go for it. I feel like thanking my blog and how much it has helped me get through this year and the many lows I have had, but also remembering that it's me behind the blog and how far I have came. I need to thank myself for getting myself through this year and that there is so much positivity if you go out and seek it.

If you have an urge to do something wether it be blogging or starting something new, go for it. Only you can be that person and you will only thank yourself later for it.

12 November 2014

What's up Wednesday's (week 1)

Writing so much every week means you can quickly run out of ideas. It also means my little brain grasps onto any bit of creativity I can get. Introducing 'What's up Wednesday's'. If you haven't already read my page on this topic, go do it now http://www.cocomadeherdoit.com/p/askcoco.html
The idea is to bring a bit more of my personality to my blog and make it more individual. You know how you get certain friends whom are good for stuff eg- (some are better for certain things) SO you get the one that's good on a night out, the one who's good at fashion, the one who brings you out of feeling rubbish, the funny one and so on. Well it's become very apparent that since well, FOREVER, I am the agony aunt pal. Tends to be relationship stuff, that could be with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your pure annoying boss. Since most of my life is now on my blog let's just make it easier for everyone to pop in a lil question. 
This also made sense to me when I wrote that post on Mental Health (you know the 1)41 things that happen when dealing with a mental health illness a lot of people had questions on how to deal with certain things, it only makes sense to have it all in the one place. You know #askcoco

ANYWAY onto the pure juicy bit..

Question 1 - 

Hello coco,

So I would like some advice on a problem that appears to come about with not just myself but a few single friends of mine when you start seeing a new guy....

So as a single gal... And never looking for something oh so serious, it would seem that my laid back approach to when I start seeing a new guy always back fires!

Can you help with some advice or info on if you are not a clingy physco bitch no guy tends to stay keen?

Is this a 'type' of guy, or does being particularly forward/clingy/despo keep them keen?

I look forward to your input :)

Answer 1- 

Ok so this is actually a difficult one to start with. Being laid back is awesome and probably slightly uncommon now. With the new age of social media it can become very easy for us girls and guys to latch onto false ideas of what is actually happening with another person.

If your laid back then make sure you never change who you are. If your comfortable within yourself and you don't feel the need to be clingy then good for you. Personally I think it's always best to be laid back because at the end of the day you are just starting to get to know someone, spend sometime with them and really get a good in-sight to what this person is like. 

Showing that your easy going is a big YES for guys so keep at it. The problem that your having is when this becomes not enough. Remember guys like reassurance too and if the dates have been going well then your obviously doing something right. 

I guess it's just about where that line is. When does it become acceptable to go past that line and say 'I like you and let's see each other more'. If guys feel like your too laid back they could almost mistake that for 'not that interested'. You need to decide wether you take that step to be open and honest as you never know it could go your way! Of course if it doesn't then you at least know it's not the right person.

It's so hard nowadays when everyone is so protective of themselves and no one wants to put themselves out there. At the end of the day if you do, your only going to get the answer you want or the answer to stop you wasting your time. Until you do that though, you will be both waiting around. 

I only have 1 question this week to see how the new feature would work. What do you guys and gals think? Remember everything is anonymous as you only have to send in your questions on my #askcoco page. I'M READY FOR YA


11 November 2014

Carolyn Baxter

Carolyn Baxter
Designer, business woman, YouTube star, presenter and of course pug owner (jealous).

What Carolyn's website says:
"A one stop glamour shop, this is the place to fulfill all your party dress and big hair needs. Visit our boutique or check our our online shop to view our range of custom made and ready to wear dresses, along with our luxury hair extensions complete with tutorials. If you are looking for something special have your dress made to measure, and if your on a budget follow my videos and make your own.

Carolyn Baxter is a luxury dress label based in Scotland. With fan’s such as Katie Piper, Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, and appearances on The Bachelor UK, we offer both ready to wear and made to measure options on our uniquely designed beautiful dresses."

How I know Carolyn
I was one of they people that followed her journey from the very start way back in 2010. Creep? no, Stalker? maybe. Don't judge! I was 4 years younger and looked up to Carolyn massively. She was making YouTube videos which was essential to me getting big fabulous hair and being constantly bug-eyed over her 'make your own dress' designs. Sigh for me though as I'm maybe the worst sewer in the world. I sewed a sock monkey once and well, it was the most stressful day I have ever had with a pair of socks.

Anyway, time went on and I continued to follow her journey. She had a strong online presence and this started to become more than a hobby. Infact it became her income and she went onto open up her shop in Edinburgh. I can even remember the photo's she used to upload of going to junk yards looking for bits for the shop and of course to revamp them. I would love to do stuff like that, so I was always so inspired! (I used to be a painter and decorator so I like to paint ok).

Carolyn went onto creating the most insane shop, not only does she have the most perfect location but her taste in interior design will make you drool! I had spoke to Carolyn on several occasions in the past about making a custom dress for me and various collaborations, so I couldn't help but feel like I knew her! You know what it's like when you follow someone online for so long you start to think 'AYE AKEN HER' no Nicole, no you don't.

The Event
When I seen Carolyn was hosting a bloggers event in conjunction with S1 Jobs, you can imagine my face. I felt it was only natural to go and of course support such local talent AND obviously cause I wanted to meet the incredible designer herself.

The afternoon was focused on retail and distribution in the fashion world. It was really interesting and it was cool to find out how a local fashion business makes money! Carolyn spoke about her journey and where she finds her business going etc. Carolyn herself is a huge inspiration to me but also to creatives in Scotland looking to take that step into the unknown. She is actually taking a huge step next year and is looking to employ someone for the first time. This will allow Carolyn some free time to focus on other areas of the business instead of sewing 24/7!

We were filled with nibbles and champagne in the cutest tea cups. After we all got to try on her amazing creations and my god she doesn't half make the sexiest dresses in the world. You instantly feel like you can do anything and they are made to perfection. You need a dress for an event, prom, wedding then she has it.

Black Lily dress - £275.00

Stacey Whittaker
We also got an awesome insight into Make up artist Stacey Whittaker's business! Her work is ridiculously good and she is a pure laugh as well! Stacey used to work for Mac Cosmetics but is about to open her first shop 'Pouts & Pinups' in Fife, Scotland. Stacey's work has been published in magazines such as Best Scottish Weddings, The Scottish Wedding Directory, Vogue Italia, and Extract to name a few and has been lucky enough to work with some of the industry’s most prestigious events and creative professionals.

She is just about to open her new shop, she is booked up for wedding make ups until forever and wait.. SHE HAS JUST HAD A BABY. It seems Stacey is an MUA/super woman.

It was an inspirational afternoon to say the least and I left with a smile on my face. Self made business women who are super talented! Such lovely ladies, check out their sites etc below -



Please check out the S1jobs link here: