21 October 2014

Where you b at!?

Hi my little babies
 SOZ it's been so long since my last outfit post. To be honest, I don't know what I've been doing. Oh and it's now hurricane weather in Scotland (these were shot whilst hiding from the rain). I am therefor REALLY struggling to keep up to date with my outfit posts. I would do it in the house IF I HAD SPACE - I don't.

Now everyone, everywhere and online peoples are talking about the camel coat or whatever you call it. I would love to get one however I've got a few good coats in my wardrobe - I will refrain this time.  After digging into my wardrobe (looking for an outfit for a vintage fair) I found this little cutie pie pumpkin jacket. I got this jacket like at LEAST 2 years ago and it was SOOOOO cheap from H&M, I'm talking under 20 quid. I can vaguely remember buying this faux fur trim to match. 

It's a lot smaller in size compared to the popular oversized look, saying that I quite liked it being fitted. I don't have too much fitted clothing anymore so it was a nice change! Comfort gal at her best... It's a good staple jacket that's aw am saying...

Next up are these lovely tartan trousers. I must say I only own 1 other thing that is tartan and they are skinny jeans about 3 sizes too small so TECHNICALLY they are my first tartan purchase, YAY (oh apart from that scarf I have, doesni count).

If you have seen my new YOUTUBE channel... Yeah I joined youtube if you didn't know and I haven't blogged about it yet soz. Yeah so I spoke about them in my new Primark Haul and they were only 12 quid. Bargain.

I paired them with classic white T and burgundy bag I got from Primark. Paired with brown loafers I got from River Island about 7 year ago! 

I'm really loving the autumn tones in this outfit, I don't tend to stick to seasonal trends to much as I just go with how I feel. I thought this time I would give it a go and see how I got on. What do you think? Autumn enough?

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Ps my hair looks kinda lilac-y here ae? it changes everyday bizarre.


  1. probably already mentioned this but... love ur hair

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Your hair is just stunning! You came into my work a while ago (I work in Frasers in Glasgow) and I was totally in awe of your hair and outfit! Also I bought a camel coat from Primark and it was super cheap and looks just as nice if not nicer than the one my friend bought herself from river island :) xxxx


    1. Thanks love! It's changed again its more blue like ultra violet haha very strange! awww no way you should have said Hi! no doubt I will be in at some point in the future! sounds amazing always better getting a bargain I think!! xxxx