26 October 2014

The DUO boot tribe

The other month I was browsing my emails and up popped a rather special invite. This invitation was like no other, I questioned myself 'Is this too good to be true?'. I had been asked along to the most beautiful boot fitting room in Edinburgh called DUO.

Duo boots had asked myself and many other bloggers to come along to view the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. Drink champagne, munch some canap├ęs and talk all things fashion, whilst getting to be apart of the boot fitting experience. What boot tribe would I be apart of? Would it be the ankle boot? or the oh so sexual thigh high!?. Not only was all that included, they wanted us to pick out our favourite boot so they could send them to us free of charge. They went over an above all expectations and I can't express what a fabulous night I had..

What DUO say..
"Tailoring the fit of elegantly designed shoe and boot collections distinguishes the DUO brand. Our in-house designers collaborate with independent European factories to create a distinctive design hand-writing; on-trend, sophisticated styling uniquely made-to-measure, with boots in up to 21 calf sizes and shoes in 3 widths."

True to their word we were greeted with champagne and smiles. The atmosphere was electric as us bloggers love to chat. I was naughty and had fish n chips for lunch which OVB resulted in me being proper sick before hand. Therefor I had to miss out on the champers! The Duo PR girls were on hand to give us an insight as to how the night would plan out..(whom by the way done an AWESOME job) Lovely ladies!

The displays were just so braw! I already knew what boots I wanted (I had a wee sneak peak on their website before I went)

My outfit for this event was a work look to night look. I picked up this incredible cord mac coat from a vintage kilo sale I was recently at. Can you believe it only cost me a tenner? I've found myself in this every day this week, guilty. Is cord back in? I honestly don't know but I'm making it come back right now.

I paired this with a Primark blouse and mules (I spoke about these in my last youtube video) DINNY JUDGE THE MULE KK!? and of course a wee pair of H&M skinny jeans. 

Our mini talks before we were let loose in the fitting room..

They had so many personal touches which was so lovely. They had put all of our blog names onto tags so once we had found our dream pair of boots we could claim it! Which for loads of the girls this was hilarious as there was so many beautiful pairs no one could choose!!

Let's be serious now. There was no way in hell I was going to pass up on a pair of thigh high boots in GREY. They were practically made for me. I was in awe of them and I just hugged them the full time I was there. 

If you thought buying the most beautiful pair of boots in the world couldn't satisfy you enough, imagine finding out they do nearly every calf size TO FIT YOUR OWN BLOODY CALF. How many times have you went and tried on a pair of boots and they are either too wide or too tight? Guaranteed every time. When it comes to boots you have to decide if you want a life long investment. Your paying for the quality, service and beauty. 

The beautiful Laura Russell from satisfashioned 

(Blogger moment - everyone getting pictures of EVERYTHING we see, touch, feel, like....)

The moment when Laura from satis fashioned, Tatyana from secretlittlestars and myself all fell in love with the same pair of boots. We all tried them on in the black as they have to order the grey ones in for us. We were firm thigh high/knee high lovers in the Boot Tribe.

I am afraid to say on this occasion the Boot Tribe I was apart of didn't win. I think the firm favourite was still the classic ankle boot. There was such a variety of bloggers at the event which goes to show how much DUO can cater to different individuals. They have experienced fitting staff whom are professional to a whole new level. The DUO staff made sure I was comfortable and that nothing was a problem. Even when I was humming and hawing as to what calf size I wanted. They were there helping me pull up my thigh highs without a care in the world. Even when we were saying our goodbyes they were full of smiles. 

I can confidently say I have never experienced anything like it and it goes to show there really is hidden gems in our cites. Duo has set the mark and I honestly know there is nothing on the market quite like them. The experience alone would be an amazing gift to someone whom takes pride in their footwear or if you know yourself you want to make that investment.. I couldn't recommend them enough.

 Dita - Platform over the knee - £250

I cannot wait for them to arrive, they will not be off my feet that's for sure. Thank you again to everyone involved, magical evening.

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  1. I love that you girls were all OTK fans! At the Bath event everyone went for ankle boots!

    1. I know we totally fell in love! so many different styles! x