6 October 2014

Pressure talks

Whilst lost in my thoughts I realised today how much pressure we put on ourselves. We put pressure on wanting to do well at work. Making sure you catch up with all your friends. Spending enough time with your family. Putting enough effort into your relationship, that could be with your partner or the peaks/lows of single life. Then the most important - yourself. Are you the person you want to be? Do you want to focus on something else in your life? So many questions.

Until you throw a spanner into the works that is a mental health illness.

Say your having a good spell, everything above seems to be going OK. You feel good and you feel productive. One of the above maybe takes a bit of a dip although because your having a good spell you then try to deal with it in a more positive way.

Now say you are having a bit of an off time with yourself, no one else just you. It could be a spell of your depression hitting in or say your OCD has got a lot more intense. You work through how you usually deal with it, whilst trying to get through a normal day. What happens when it's not going as well as you think it's going? One thing on your list of priorities drop. "OK" you say - "I can handle it". Another thing drops as well.. OK your defiantly having a crap time at the moment.

Your performing a bit poorer than expected at work and a family member is seriously ill. Oh and your relationship is going through a rough patch. The cherry on the top is someones pals cousins sister was being a little bitch and said something that just set you over the edge. That's it - your done. Your little cup that is usually sitting pretty full because having a mental health illness is never a squeaky clean empty cup anyway is it. Tips over the edge. Your upset, you shut people off, you get angry or however else you deal with this overspilling cup.

These things that happen, also known as 'life' and effect each and everyone of us. It's great then it's a bit pants, then it's awesome, then you hate it again. It's a big circle and we have to deal with it, each and everyone of us. 

My point of realisation today though was you or your friend or family member or the guy at work who maybe is dealing with there own demons of a mental health illness put a significant amount of pressure on yourself. Things go bad in life but because your feeling terrible as it is then we automatically assume we aren't coping again. As soon as things start to drop then we are in denial that we are back to square one again. In actual fact you could be in a major progress bubble but a normal 'life' situation has popped up again and we then go to make ourselves feel a million times worse.

One thing I learned from an amazing therapist that it's OK to deal with these life situations like every other average Joe does. See if your pal is crying about a relationship breakdown but they have never thank god came face to face with a mental illness, that in itself should allow you to break the pressure you have on yourself. Let yourself feel that raw emotion but don't forget how far you have came. Whether that is just managing to get out of bed in the morning or finally arranging to go visit your friends. Allow yourself to spot the difference between you struggling in your own mind to - hey this happens to everyone!

Ease up on yourself and take a step back. Your head will thank you for it later, I promise. What's your thoughts? Do you agree that we put to much pressure on ourselves and often think we are back to square one?


  1. I love reading posts like this because they are REAL. I've had anxiety and depression for many years now and it's nice to know that people in the world actually do care and want to help. Great post, really well written.
    I'm a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog,
    I look forward to reading more posts from you
    Jessica xo

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your feedback. It really does mean a lot, It's very easy to forget yourself when theres so much going on! Your blog is lovely really simple and easy to read! Good luck! :) xxx