15 October 2014

Oh snap

I have pigtails. Plaits? or bunches? I dunno but it's pretty funny. I have been obsessing over Instagram pages full of the most insane braids EVER!!! If anyone would like to braid my hair (seriously) please email me. Now that I have dyed my hair, I feel like I can just do whatever I want. Crazy.

To match my (badly attempted) braids LOL I decided to carry on the theme and just go all OOT. I'm unsure what I would call this look without embarrassing myself even more? Ghetto? Street Style? Tom boi? Cool bird? maybe no..
I was just going shopping and I needed a relaxed and comfy outfit. I also hadn't planned any outfit which resulted in borrowing some of my boyfriends gear.
Top - Next
Shirt - Boyfriends
Leather trousers - Primark
Stan Smiths - Schuh
Bag - Adidas (Sonar 2012 festival -boyfriends)

I am unsure as to how ridiculous I look. What do you think? I'm all for playing around with looks and seeing what works and what doesn't. Take a step outside your comfort zone. You never know you might end up with braids too..



  1. You can TOTALLY pull off the plaits. Not an easy thing to do, but I think it's because your outfit is more grunge than preppy. Wouldn't look as good if you were wearing a pretty dress. x


    1. YES Lou you got the right word grunge kind of lol thank you! I think they look silly but if they were done correct I would totally wear them! Looking forward to a catch up! I should see you at the fashion show in a few weeks yeah? xx