7 October 2014

October dream bubble

Hi Dolls
I decided against doing your usual wish list and went with things I am totally loving just now. Some are well known brands and others are small brands but just as amazing. I'm going to be putting together an Australian wardrobe for my travels soon so any recommendations on brands etc please comment below. Enjoy..

Winter is on it's way but I am totally lusting over this set. Chips on me body? YES please.


See when you set your heart on a pair of boots and you can't help but totally obsess over them. 
This is what's currently happening with these peep toe boots. I have seen them on all my favourite bloggers and they are super sassy on!! 

ASOS Sweet Cheeks Stripe Swimsuit
As some of you may or may not know, my dad lives in Australia. This means I'm getting to visit for 4 weeks in January. Whilst everyone is getting ready for a cold winter  - I'm planning a very HOT winter. I've slowly started planning my aussie wardrobe and this cute swimsuit totally caught my eye on the ASOS swim team's Instagram. Very me!! If you guys have any brand suggestions then please send me their details.

Venus Eyeshadow Palette
If you haven't heard of Lime Crime then I have no words sorry. They are only the most exciting and sought after makeup brand. I want probably every item off their website so I won't list it all here. BUT they have just launched their brand new eyeshadow pallet the grunge pallet and OMG it is unreal the colours are just a 90's dream. Snoop their Instagram for the colours! I can dream..

Handmade 'Eve' Mesh and Floral Applique Soft Bralette
How incredible is this? I have being following this designer for a while now and fall in love with every design. So much more feline and sensual than all the other underwear in the shops! Beautiful.

Fellow Scot - Carrie creates beautiful pieces and this is my total fave!! Soooooo dreamy. I snoop all her jewellery and they are stunning check out her website!

Sports bra and Runner shorts
Both £30.00 
Loving this brand at the moment and this combo is to die for. I love simplicity and in black is just perfect. Dreaming of wearing this in OZ.

Merlin Studded Monk Shoes
I really need a good sturdy shoe!! I got some beauties a month or so ago but I'm still breaking them in! These look comfy and totally need them in my life. 

Bit of a mixture I know, although I quite like a mixture. I feel like I have split personalities when it comes to my taste and style. One day I'm this and the next I'm that. I can't keep up with myself so I have no idea how you guys will! 

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