17 October 2014

Mallzee - you sassy app you

I don't know about you but I can be a lazy shopper. A shopper whom wants INSTANT looks and a shopper who wants to shop at the flick of an app. Do I want to trail through website after website to find that jacket that I'm not even sure what it looks like yet? nahhhhhh
Do not fear my dolls, it's only this super sassy app called MALLZEE.


Well that's a good option! I love liking stuff online so why not do it whilst shopping? Even better I can NAY it (that means you don't like it). Gosh this is like a game, shopping, playing.. BUYING. Can it be anymore seamless? (no it can't in case your wondering)
Ok dolls so your thinking, 'What good is this app to me?' 

MALZEE is super instant and it comes with me on the go. I can be a busy girl and I don't have a lot of time to be searching through various website for specific items. With MALLZEE I can filter what I'm looking for and from all different brands. Some of the best brands in the business are on this app which means you won't be stuck finding something that tickles your fancy. 
(Adidas, Asos, Missguided etc etc)

It's free. You can save your looks. Share with all your mates/online friends. Create looks (holiday wardrobe, autumn etc). MALLZEE begins to recognise your personal style and suggests different items.
You have popped out for lunch but whilst in the middle of picking your favourite sandwich (mines is chicken salad) you realised you won't have time when you get back to work to go online shopping. UH OH what will you do? I know..

You open up your MALLZEE app (whilst your picking your favourite sarnie) and before you know it your YAY'n and NAY'n different items of clothing and look you did it. Your shopping!!! There's no faffing or trying to get onto different websites. All there in front of you.

In this instant kind of world that we live in today, I have my arms open to MALLZEE for their gift that they have gave me. Instant seamless shopping at my fingertips. Big hugs for you!

YAY to you.
Ohhhh,  that a sandwich in that lunch box?

Read more on the app and DOWNLOAD your little personal shopper in your pocket here - http://app.adjust.io/umerqp

"Meet Mallzee, the personal stylist in your pocket. Pulling together over 2 million products from 100 big name fashion brands, Mallzee finds must have clothes suited to you. Get search specific with our unique Style Feeds, never miss a bargain again with price drop alerts and stay ahead of the fashion elite with interactive inspiration from top fashion bloggers and personal stylists."


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