11 October 2014

Is that you Stan?

I have been after a pair of Adidas Stan Smith's for months now but due to a lack of funds this was put on hold. I got this beautiful coat from my fave Primark which was about 25 quidish (I aways forget prices SOZ). I bought this coat in a size 10 with the mind set of wearing loads of cosy jumpers under it. It turns out it's really quite a big 10, MORE LAYERZ FOR ME :) This jacket also comes in Pink which one of my besties bought and it's lovely! I actually can't remember what other colours they come in. For the price it's pretty remarkable and deffo giving the big branded names a run for their money. 

I paired these with a classic skinny jean (primark - tenner) and my vintage Ben Sherman shirt. I was not only cosy but I was really comfy and relaxed. It was great for jumping on the train to Edinburgh for a meeting and then onto a late dinner. Versatile to say the least. 

ALSO in case your wondering, "ehhhhh doll what's that on your shoulder???" Yes its only my Obscure Couture ft Style mile bag. I got this sent to me when I won shorts from Obscure Couture earlier in the year. Which if you follow me on Instagram - @nicolefindlay then you will notice I LOVE a competition.

I've always been really into my trainers and if you get the right pair then you can really adapt them into any outfit. In a few weeks i'll be blogging an outfit with my Stan Smith's which will show you a completely different look and it will show you really how versatile these trainers really are.



  1. Love your hair so much :O awesome! and That coat is pretty cool :) Can´t wait to get my winter coat.

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Love your coat. xx