29 October 2014

40 passing thoughts that go through a bloggers mind

Becoming a blogger wasn't a completely unknown territory for me as I have been following the blogging world for a few years. It's a weird one because unless your involved in it or have an interest it's almost like a whole other world.

In this whole other world there's lots of things that go through bloggers creative minds. To be honest being a new blogger myself, I have no idea if this relates to any other blogger. For me who has only been involved in this bubble since April 2014 I have a lot to

  1. Those pretty pictures you see of things on our blogs or on Instagram have been carefully placed and organised.
  2. Why OH why do I not have a plain wall in my house.
  3. Man I wish I had a white floor so I can make photos even prettier.
  4. I just spent so long on a new post but there's still 5000 mistakes and someone will pick up on it.
  5. In fact why was I not blessed with super good writing skills?.
  6. Do people even read what I write or do they just look at my pictures?
  7. I wonder if people that don't like me read my blog?
  8. Getting an invite to an event but you also have another event that night and omg what one will be better.. I MUST CHOOSE
  9. I will forever drool over every other blogger.
  10. That blogger has well expensive stuff why can't I have that!!!
  11. Another blogger just complimented you and you just feel like you have died and went to heaven.
  12. Yeah so I never got an invite to that event, is it because I like cats?
  13. Did I write enough on that last post?
  14. I wonder if I am annoying everyone with all my updates yet.
  15. Dreaming about the day you can blog full time.
  16. But will that happen ever or am I delusional or maybe it could happen?
  17. I just want to be friends with all the bloggers but maybe they are like no thanks.
  18. I've not took pictures of any outfits recently so this means I will need to spend a full day shooting 300 looks.
  19. What can I post in Instagram next?
  20. 125 people just unfollowed me on Instagram does this mean I am super uninteresting.
  21. I have just bought the most outrageous shoes that no one in the world will understand apart from fellow bloggers.
  22. When you meet bloggers or creative's in the industry and they are super nice to you...you then realise you love these people.
  23. When your friend/parent/partner takes blog photos for you.. you are eternally grateful.
  24. You come to understand that not everyone understands the blogging concept.
  25. From the very start you always remember who supports you and who doesn't.
  26. One day you feel so creative that you must just write a million things and you want everyone to see how creative your being.
  27. Should I buy that item of clothing even though another blogger has it?
  28. Is there blogger rules and why do I not know about them?
  29. I hope they don't hate me cause I got the same bag as another blogger hehehehe
  30. The posts that you think will be popular never are and the ones you think are rubbish always seem to grab the most attention.
  31. When someone(anyone)give you positive feedback and you just think to yourself 'Gosh what a lovely human'.
  32. Should I jump on this bandwagon or nah?
  33. I just bought something sooo cool this will deffo make me stand out.
  34. When bloggers come together and are like a little family this is nice. Nice feelings.
  35. Sometimes you think online followers know you more than real life people.
  36. When non bloggers say 'OMG all this free stuff you get' when the write up took you 2 hours and this is work.
  37. When you see your hobby flourish into something amazing.
  38. Forever wishing you had a photographer 24/7 like all the other bloggers do.
  39. Secretly wishing you could take little photos at work but then you look down and your in stinky trainers, leggings and a parka.
  40. Always searching for the perfect blog location spot que - (never happens outside a city)


  1. Oh God, this post is absolutely perfect!! I can relate to all of your thoughts, I had a lot of fun reading each one because they are very accurate. I've learned a lot since I started my blog, and it is not easy but you just made it look extremely hilarious!! Excellent post, I just became your fan!! xx

    Fabi | www.halfwaytonewyork.blogspot.mx

    1. After you appreciating this most so much you will understand how much I love this comment!! lol It's sooo good to hear that you agree! You can sometimes think omg I wonder If I'm the only one hahah :) Thanks lovely x

  2. I love this post babe haha its so good i totally agree with the whole "oh free stuff" and im like ....yeah its not free more of an exchange


  3. I'm not a fashion blogger, i mostly write about random stuff, but I can relate with most of the things. I've not been blogging for a long time, but when you receive an email or just a comment from someone who has definetly read the WHOLE post or at least that what makes you think, woow, it's awesome!!

    xx Cecil // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

    1. Exactly! It is so nice to be nice and if you have read something we have wrote let us know! It always means so much :) thanks again xx

  4. I love this post! Everything is so accurate haha! Especially number 24. I always try to explain the blogging/vlogging thing to my friends and family (even before I had a blog) and they just don't get it!

    Laura xx | LAURAKATHREN