29 October 2014

40 passing thoughts that go through a bloggers mind

Becoming a blogger wasn't a completely unknown territory for me as I have been following the blogging world for a few years. It's a weird one because unless your involved in it or have an interest it's almost like a whole other world.

In this whole other world there's lots of things that go through bloggers creative minds. To be honest being a new blogger myself, I have no idea if this relates to any other blogger. For me who has only been involved in this bubble since April 2014 I have a lot to

  1. Those pretty pictures you see of things on our blogs or on Instagram have been carefully placed and organised.
  2. Why OH why do I not have a plain wall in my house.
  3. Man I wish I had a white floor so I can make photos even prettier.
  4. I just spent so long on a new post but there's still 5000 mistakes and someone will pick up on it.
  5. In fact why was I not blessed with super good writing skills?.
  6. Do people even read what I write or do they just look at my pictures?
  7. I wonder if people that don't like me read my blog?
  8. Getting an invite to an event but you also have another event that night and omg what one will be better.. I MUST CHOOSE
  9. I will forever drool over every other blogger.
  10. That blogger has well expensive stuff why can't I have that!!!
  11. Another blogger just complimented you and you just feel like you have died and went to heaven.
  12. Yeah so I never got an invite to that event, is it because I like cats?
  13. Did I write enough on that last post?
  14. I wonder if I am annoying everyone with all my updates yet.
  15. Dreaming about the day you can blog full time.
  16. But will that happen ever or am I delusional or maybe it could happen?
  17. I just want to be friends with all the bloggers but maybe they are like no thanks.
  18. I've not took pictures of any outfits recently so this means I will need to spend a full day shooting 300 looks.
  19. What can I post in Instagram next?
  20. 125 people just unfollowed me on Instagram does this mean I am super uninteresting.
  21. I have just bought the most outrageous shoes that no one in the world will understand apart from fellow bloggers.
  22. When you meet bloggers or creative's in the industry and they are super nice to you...you then realise you love these people.
  23. When your friend/parent/partner takes blog photos for you.. you are eternally grateful.
  24. You come to understand that not everyone understands the blogging concept.
  25. From the very start you always remember who supports you and who doesn't.
  26. One day you feel so creative that you must just write a million things and you want everyone to see how creative your being.
  27. Should I buy that item of clothing even though another blogger has it?
  28. Is there blogger rules and why do I not know about them?
  29. I hope they don't hate me cause I got the same bag as another blogger hehehehe
  30. The posts that you think will be popular never are and the ones you think are rubbish always seem to grab the most attention.
  31. When someone(anyone)give you positive feedback and you just think to yourself 'Gosh what a lovely human'.
  32. Should I jump on this bandwagon or nah?
  33. I just bought something sooo cool this will deffo make me stand out.
  34. When bloggers come together and are like a little family this is nice. Nice feelings.
  35. Sometimes you think online followers know you more than real life people.
  36. When non bloggers say 'OMG all this free stuff you get' when the write up took you 2 hours and this is work.
  37. When you see your hobby flourish into something amazing.
  38. Forever wishing you had a photographer 24/7 like all the other bloggers do.
  39. Secretly wishing you could take little photos at work but then you look down and your in stinky trainers, leggings and a parka.
  40. Always searching for the perfect blog location spot que - (never happens outside a city)

28 October 2014

Younique 3D Mascara

As you will have heard there has been a massive buzz about Younique 3D Mascara coming to the UK. If you haven't heard of it then I promise you, you won't want to miss out. They are an American company whom are just about to launch in the United Kingdom on November 1st 2014.*

(The left eye is with Younique 3D mascara and the left eye is normal mascara)

What Younique say..
"Our best selling product, 3D Fiber Lashes dramatically enhances and magnifies the appearance of your own lashes."
The details..
"The simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily wash off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have!"
  1. To prepare your eyelashes for optimal results, first apply one thin coat of your own regular favorite mascara and let it dry.
  2. Then, apply Moodstruck Transplanting Gel to your lashes.
  3. Immediately following, and while the gel is still wet, apply the Moodstruck Natural Fibers.
  4. Reapply the Transplanting Gel a second time to secure the natural fibers onto your lashes. 

What's my chat on it?
When my 3D mascara arrived I was pretty impressed. It came in a beautiful case (much like a case for your specs) and it had what looked like 2 tubes of mascara in it. Straight away I was chuffed because USUALLY when you go shopping it comes in rubbish plastic packaging. I am now a firm believer that all mascara should come in pretty cases. After all we pay enough money for our beloved eyelash enhancers.

As I am a rather stubborn individual I proceeded to not read the instructions and just do whatever I wanted. This is WRONG. Please follow the instructions otherwise you just feel really silly with the outcome. I put the fibers on my lashes without putting the gel on first and this led to lots of little black fibers all on my nicely done makeup LOL wrong.

How did I apply it?
Once you have played about with it, you realise the 2 tubes are different. One is like mascara = transplanting gel and the other is fibers (looks like black cotton wool stuff). In the instructions it says for you to put on your own regular mascara first. To be honest it's really up to you if you want to do that first.
I had watched a few Youtube videos about it and some people prefer to ditch that step. I was one of them people. I couldn't be bothered using another tube of my own mascara as I just wanted to use my new ones. I find it doesn't make to much of a difference so just find what works for you.
I'm really happy with the outcome. I feel it does take a little bit longer to apply but this will change the more you get used to it. Who doesn't want bigger lashes? They are really noticeably bigger and it can be worn on top of false eyelashes too! LOVE LOVE LOVE I would say go for it when it's 
released here on Nov 1st.

(The left eye is with Younique 3D mascara and the right eye is normal mascara)

How do I get it?
You can purchase online here from 01/11/2014 - BUY NOW

(Younique is sold via direct sales only by Presenters. Anyone can sign up to sell as a Presenter, Individuals interested in selling can go through the BUY NOW link above to sign up. Or your local salon may have them in stock if they are a presenter.)

26 October 2014

The DUO boot tribe

The other month I was browsing my emails and up popped a rather special invite. This invitation was like no other, I questioned myself 'Is this too good to be true?'. I had been asked along to the most beautiful boot fitting room in Edinburgh called DUO.

Duo boots had asked myself and many other bloggers to come along to view the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. Drink champagne, munch some canap├ęs and talk all things fashion, whilst getting to be apart of the boot fitting experience. What boot tribe would I be apart of? Would it be the ankle boot? or the oh so sexual thigh high!?. Not only was all that included, they wanted us to pick out our favourite boot so they could send them to us free of charge. They went over an above all expectations and I can't express what a fabulous night I had..

What DUO say..
"Tailoring the fit of elegantly designed shoe and boot collections distinguishes the DUO brand. Our in-house designers collaborate with independent European factories to create a distinctive design hand-writing; on-trend, sophisticated styling uniquely made-to-measure, with boots in up to 21 calf sizes and shoes in 3 widths."

True to their word we were greeted with champagne and smiles. The atmosphere was electric as us bloggers love to chat. I was naughty and had fish n chips for lunch which OVB resulted in me being proper sick before hand. Therefor I had to miss out on the champers! The Duo PR girls were on hand to give us an insight as to how the night would plan out..(whom by the way done an AWESOME job) Lovely ladies!

The displays were just so braw! I already knew what boots I wanted (I had a wee sneak peak on their website before I went)

My outfit for this event was a work look to night look. I picked up this incredible cord mac coat from a vintage kilo sale I was recently at. Can you believe it only cost me a tenner? I've found myself in this every day this week, guilty. Is cord back in? I honestly don't know but I'm making it come back right now.

I paired this with a Primark blouse and mules (I spoke about these in my last youtube video) DINNY JUDGE THE MULE KK!? and of course a wee pair of H&M skinny jeans. 

Our mini talks before we were let loose in the fitting room..

They had so many personal touches which was so lovely. They had put all of our blog names onto tags so once we had found our dream pair of boots we could claim it! Which for loads of the girls this was hilarious as there was so many beautiful pairs no one could choose!!

Let's be serious now. There was no way in hell I was going to pass up on a pair of thigh high boots in GREY. They were practically made for me. I was in awe of them and I just hugged them the full time I was there. 

If you thought buying the most beautiful pair of boots in the world couldn't satisfy you enough, imagine finding out they do nearly every calf size TO FIT YOUR OWN BLOODY CALF. How many times have you went and tried on a pair of boots and they are either too wide or too tight? Guaranteed every time. When it comes to boots you have to decide if you want a life long investment. Your paying for the quality, service and beauty. 

The beautiful Laura Russell from satisfashioned 

(Blogger moment - everyone getting pictures of EVERYTHING we see, touch, feel, like....)

The moment when Laura from satis fashioned, Tatyana from secretlittlestars and myself all fell in love with the same pair of boots. We all tried them on in the black as they have to order the grey ones in for us. We were firm thigh high/knee high lovers in the Boot Tribe.

I am afraid to say on this occasion the Boot Tribe I was apart of didn't win. I think the firm favourite was still the classic ankle boot. There was such a variety of bloggers at the event which goes to show how much DUO can cater to different individuals. They have experienced fitting staff whom are professional to a whole new level. The DUO staff made sure I was comfortable and that nothing was a problem. Even when I was humming and hawing as to what calf size I wanted. They were there helping me pull up my thigh highs without a care in the world. Even when we were saying our goodbyes they were full of smiles. 

I can confidently say I have never experienced anything like it and it goes to show there really is hidden gems in our cites. Duo has set the mark and I honestly know there is nothing on the market quite like them. The experience alone would be an amazing gift to someone whom takes pride in their footwear or if you know yourself you want to make that investment.. I couldn't recommend them enough.

 Dita - Platform over the knee - £250

I cannot wait for them to arrive, they will not be off my feet that's for sure. Thank you again to everyone involved, magical evening.

Follow them below for all the AW 2014/15 collections.


25 October 2014

Lily Charmed

It can be quite difficult to find really lovely, delicate jewellery when there is so much costume jewellery on the market. Finding an amazing gift for someone special can be time consuming, boring and pretty dull. You want to give this person something personal. Not Topshop prices but not diamond prices. Where do you go? 

What Lily Charmed say..
"We know that buying 'off the shelf' doesn't always give you the exact sentiment or message you require. So we have made sure you can make your gift even more unique by creating your own personalised message to give your gift more meaning. Lily are delicate and detailed and we are very proud of them. We hope you love them as much as we do."

When Lily Charmed got in touch I was over the moon. As soon as I started scrolling through their website I just fell in love. Everything is so quirky and their designs are filled with personality, I was stuck for choice. They offer gifts, charms, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all can be personalised. 

I wanted something personal to reflect what stage I am at in my life and this compass is perfect. 

This charm necklace arrived in no time at all! When it arrived it came in this beautiful box. It already had went over and beyond my expectations! Especially anything that is in the shops at the moment. Opening up the box I found the charm sitting perfectly in the centre of this quote. 

"Life is an adventure, enjoy the journey."

How accurate and so fitting. Who would have thought a necklace could be so personal and that's just for myself! One thing I noticed when browsing through their website was as every charm differed, I kept saying to myself "OMG my pal would love that" or "That is a perfect birthday present for so n so". It's the variety in charms that means there is a perfect piece for everyone. 

Another huge feature on their website is  'Create your own gift' which is awesome if you want to make it even more personal.  I deffinatly know what I'm getting next "COCO" on a chain. I just have to!!? What would you get?

(I cannot wait to wear this everywhere I go!)

Thank you Lily Charmed. You will spot me wearing this all the time!* 

Follow Lily Charmed on..

Coco made her do it is a PR friendly blog. This means that from time to time I am sent products or items to try out and consider for a review or post. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never feature something on Coco made her do it that I didn't truly love or believe in or like. I am always very honest with my readers just as I expect others to be with me. If I have been sent something by a company it will be marked with a (*) so that you are aware and can keep track if you wish. If you are a PR and would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me: cocofindlay@gmail.com

21 October 2014

Where you b at!?

Hi my little babies
 SOZ it's been so long since my last outfit post. To be honest, I don't know what I've been doing. Oh and it's now hurricane weather in Scotland (these were shot whilst hiding from the rain). I am therefor REALLY struggling to keep up to date with my outfit posts. I would do it in the house IF I HAD SPACE - I don't.

Now everyone, everywhere and online peoples are talking about the camel coat or whatever you call it. I would love to get one however I've got a few good coats in my wardrobe - I will refrain this time.  After digging into my wardrobe (looking for an outfit for a vintage fair) I found this little cutie pie pumpkin jacket. I got this jacket like at LEAST 2 years ago and it was SOOOOO cheap from H&M, I'm talking under 20 quid. I can vaguely remember buying this faux fur trim to match. 

It's a lot smaller in size compared to the popular oversized look, saying that I quite liked it being fitted. I don't have too much fitted clothing anymore so it was a nice change! Comfort gal at her best... It's a good staple jacket that's aw am saying...

Next up are these lovely tartan trousers. I must say I only own 1 other thing that is tartan and they are skinny jeans about 3 sizes too small so TECHNICALLY they are my first tartan purchase, YAY (oh apart from that scarf I have, doesni count).

If you have seen my new YOUTUBE channel... Yeah I joined youtube if you didn't know and I haven't blogged about it yet soz. Yeah so I spoke about them in my new Primark Haul and they were only 12 quid. Bargain.

I paired them with classic white T and burgundy bag I got from Primark. Paired with brown loafers I got from River Island about 7 year ago! 

I'm really loving the autumn tones in this outfit, I don't tend to stick to seasonal trends to much as I just go with how I feel. I thought this time I would give it a go and see how I got on. What do you think? Autumn enough?

If you want to check out my new youtube channel click here 
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Ps my hair looks kinda lilac-y here ae? it changes everyday bizarre.

17 October 2014

Mallzee - you sassy app you

I don't know about you but I can be a lazy shopper. A shopper whom wants INSTANT looks and a shopper who wants to shop at the flick of an app. Do I want to trail through website after website to find that jacket that I'm not even sure what it looks like yet? nahhhhhh
Do not fear my dolls, it's only this super sassy app called MALLZEE.


Well that's a good option! I love liking stuff online so why not do it whilst shopping? Even better I can NAY it (that means you don't like it). Gosh this is like a game, shopping, playing.. BUYING. Can it be anymore seamless? (no it can't in case your wondering)
Ok dolls so your thinking, 'What good is this app to me?' 

MALZEE is super instant and it comes with me on the go. I can be a busy girl and I don't have a lot of time to be searching through various website for specific items. With MALLZEE I can filter what I'm looking for and from all different brands. Some of the best brands in the business are on this app which means you won't be stuck finding something that tickles your fancy. 
(Adidas, Asos, Missguided etc etc)

It's free. You can save your looks. Share with all your mates/online friends. Create looks (holiday wardrobe, autumn etc). MALLZEE begins to recognise your personal style and suggests different items.
You have popped out for lunch but whilst in the middle of picking your favourite sandwich (mines is chicken salad) you realised you won't have time when you get back to work to go online shopping. UH OH what will you do? I know..

You open up your MALLZEE app (whilst your picking your favourite sarnie) and before you know it your YAY'n and NAY'n different items of clothing and look you did it. Your shopping!!! There's no faffing or trying to get onto different websites. All there in front of you.

In this instant kind of world that we live in today, I have my arms open to MALLZEE for their gift that they have gave me. Instant seamless shopping at my fingertips. Big hugs for you!

YAY to you.
Ohhhh,  that a sandwich in that lunch box?

Read more on the app and DOWNLOAD your little personal shopper in your pocket here - http://app.adjust.io/umerqp

"Meet Mallzee, the personal stylist in your pocket. Pulling together over 2 million products from 100 big name fashion brands, Mallzee finds must have clothes suited to you. Get search specific with our unique Style Feeds, never miss a bargain again with price drop alerts and stay ahead of the fashion elite with interactive inspiration from top fashion bloggers and personal stylists."


15 October 2014

Oh snap

I have pigtails. Plaits? or bunches? I dunno but it's pretty funny. I have been obsessing over Instagram pages full of the most insane braids EVER!!! If anyone would like to braid my hair (seriously) please email me. Now that I have dyed my hair, I feel like I can just do whatever I want. Crazy.

To match my (badly attempted) braids LOL I decided to carry on the theme and just go all OOT. I'm unsure what I would call this look without embarrassing myself even more? Ghetto? Street Style? Tom boi? Cool bird? maybe no..
I was just going shopping and I needed a relaxed and comfy outfit. I also hadn't planned any outfit which resulted in borrowing some of my boyfriends gear.
Top - Next
Shirt - Boyfriends
Leather trousers - Primark
Stan Smiths - Schuh
Bag - Adidas (Sonar 2012 festival -boyfriends)

I am unsure as to how ridiculous I look. What do you think? I'm all for playing around with looks and seeing what works and what doesn't. Take a step outside your comfort zone. You never know you might end up with braids too..