3 September 2014

The Mela Princess

I finally had all my items arrive from NEXT which I won last month in their competition.
Top - NEXT
Skirt - NEXT
Bag - Karen Millen
Heels - Primark
Necklace - from Spain

I love the monochrome look I put together. It's so relaxed but very chic. With it being such a versitle outfit, it really is perfect for any occasion. Although I never actually knew the event was in a park as I don't know Edinburgh that well hence why I'm wearing fecking heels in the grass!!! ANYWAY still loved the outfit.

I got an invite to come along and see The Edinburgh Mela Fashion Show 2014 on Sunday 31st of August 2014. They were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the The Edinburgh Mela festival, so it was a very exciting day for everyone. 

Snippet from their website:
"This year we celebrate 20 years of fashion at the Mela! A firm festival favourite on Sunday, the Mela Fashion Show showcases a variety of international and local designers, and featuring a glittering array of fashion and entertainment. You can also pick up many of the latest fashions at the Mela Marketplace, which is overflowing with wares and designs."

Saleema Ali a ridiculously stunning lady, but also an incredibly talented make up artist (yes you will be doing my wedding makeup one day!!) was the head MUA for the event. Saleema has asked myself and Farah Faz from Faz Fashion Diary to come along and have back stage access to the fashion show, meet the designers, hosts and the lovely models. 

 I have never been to an event like it, the day being filled of culture, diversity and creativeness. I got very snap happy and took millions of photos. However,  I don't want to make a huge photo post so I have uploaded some of my favourite looks from the event! The models were beautiful and you will probably tell very quickly what my favourite look of the day was!!! If I ever get to wear such a piece I would be in my element. Just stunning.

The designers were incredible and they really put on quite a display of all their efforts! Featuring designers SKM CoutureMajestic by ElizaRed Carpet Luxury DressesAl Haya AbayasAgnes H and Bongayi PattyKidswear by Heritage of Scotland, and Bharosa Boutique, as well as performances from Limited Edition and Scotpipe.

Some of the beautiful models

 The host Samera Ashraf of Edinburgh’s Shore Radio.


I spoke with the lovely Azra Qayyum who was a complete delight to speak to. She has been involved with The Mela since day one. 

 The tent was heaving!!!

MY FAVE LOOK!!!!! HOW UNREAL IS THIS DESIGN. I litterally was in AWE, if I ever get the chance to wear such a beauty I will cry! INCREDIBLE!!! Well done Majestic by Eliza.

Very pleased to have got such a chance to see so much talent in one stage! As you can see they were the ultimate princess's Well done to everyone involved!

Make up team
Saleema Ali- Head MUA
Charlene O’Malley
Amereen Shahzad
Manifique Nails-Beauty
Alex Adair 
‘Heavenlyfleurs by Nina’.
If you would like to read more on The festival please check out there website http://www.edinburgh-mela.co.uk

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