29 September 2014

Personal Improvements


This is my little go to area of my room. I don't live in a big fancy house or have endless amounts of money which means my space is limited. These types of spaces are my favourite. At the moment I am trying really hard to focus on myself and have a really clear mind. In order for me to achieve these things then a cute dressing table and clothes rail helps me have some order in my life. 

Being a huge bargain hunter I am always on the look out for the next treat. This week I'm featuring grey snake print boots. Who by? Silly question if you already follow my blog. Primark have came up with the goods, again! The story behind it is..

Shopping recently in Zara - I was lusting over everything as usual! I came across some beautiful grey suede boots in the sale reduced to 30 quid. I had no idea wether to get them or not (hadn't seen the Primark boots yet). Such a good reduction but I still was on a budget and at 30 quid this means I couldn't spend anything else. I decided to leave them be and if I got them at a later date then it was meant to be. 

Later on in the day I done my usual wander into Primark. I can usually be in and out quite quick as I tend to be able to spot things I like pretty sharp. Off I went looking in the shoe aisle and a little squeal popped out much to my boyfriends amusement. I was almost a little confused. Didn't I just see these in Zara? SO similar yet HALF the price. Only 14 quid. YES this was my day. I fell in love and went home a happy girl!. 

Boots - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Top - Zara
Jacket - Primark

Talking personal improvements. Blogging is constantly making me aware of my surroundings, my beliefs in myself and knowing that it's totally ok to want to improve yourself. For example, Grammar as we all know - I'm pretty rubbish at it and I can't really write for shit. I have loads to learn but I have never told myself that this has to be my main focus. I want you dolls to be able read/look at my blog knowing that I am totally on the same wave length. I totally get it. I'm just your average gal trying to give myself a little hobby, which turns out to be something I'm super passionate about. 

Make sure you are your main focus, priority and number one. Never forget that you are your own person.