9 September 2014

I see you nailed it

I have a (2 in one) beauty review for your lil eyes to read today. I was sent some products from The Body Shop in Fort Kinnaird to try out and let all you beauty heads know what they are like.  Guinea pig coco.. 

Smokey 2 in 1 Gel Eye Liner* (10 quid)

Create infinite looks for eyes and brows with this innovative new 2-in-1 Smoky Gel Liner. With silky Community Fair Trade marula oil and ultra-dark pigments for an intense depth and finish.
  • For both eyes and brows
  • 12 hour long-lasting formula
  • Intense colour
First of all like 90% of girls - I can't put on eye liner for shit. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I'm just not blessed with the 'steady hand'. There for a GEL liner seemed like a good option. The teenie brush it comes with has a really good edge and made it easier to apply. It was a nice clean brush stoke and was not messy at all. 

  • True to their word - it lasts ages and even if I have wiped my eyes it never budged!! which is fab expesh if you get itchy eyes. 
  • You hardly need to use any on the brush so it will last for months!
  • They say it would be good for your brows, which I don't disagree but for me I have light hair and black brows would look terrible on me! I would maybe try the brown if you wanted a lighter brow look. Unless you can pull off dark brows then lucky you!! go for it. It would create a really strong shape!!
Rate - 8/10


COLOUR CRUSH® Nail colours* (5 quid)

Do you want instant happiness at your fingertips? Meet the NEW Colour Crush™ Nails range. With a rainbow of 26 uplifting, colourful shades inspired by nature, this range feels as good for your soul as it does on your nails.
  • 26 feel-good shades
  • Nail-loving formula
  • 100% vegan
  • Quick-dry, high gloss finish
I love nail polish like the next girl and I tend to not fall for the 'lasts 10 days' or '2 secs dry' bla bla. Also I work a lot with my hands (typing etc) and I have a really bad habit of playing with my nails. Which then means nail polish doesn't really stand a chance with me. I love nail varnish but it doesn't like me. This led me to be really pleasantly surprised by The Body Shop's range. They are such little under dogs!! They don't have any false promises and are so very clear with what is to be expected. 

I tried 120 Relish The Moment - 6.8ml shade 22108. 

It went on like velvet and had an amazing sheen, with a total pop of colour! The real test was to see how long it lasted. 3 DAYS for me!!!! You don't realise how good that is for me with my constant picking. For ladies who leave their nails be then I highly recommend. Such a surprise!

  • 100% VEGAN - ehhh amazing.
  • Super shiny!
  • Lasts a good amount of time.
  • Made my nails feel stronger.
  • Went on nice and easy.
  • Loads of colour options.
  • Great price.
  • Struggling to find a con on this one. I like to write CONS as I think its honest but didn't come across anything I didn't like = WINNER 
Rating - 10/10

Thanks to The Body Shop @ Fort Kinnaird - Fabby products! Well worth the try :)

Coco made her do it is a PR friendly blog. This means that from time to time I am sent products or items to try out and consider for a review or post. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never feature something on Coco made her do it that I didn't truly love or believe in or like. I am always very honest with my readers just as I expect others to be with me. If I have been sent something by a company it will be marked with a (*) so that you are aware and can keep track if you wish. If you are a PR and would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me: cocofindlay@gmail.com


  1. Great review love!
    Also can't get over how amazing your hair is. I'm pretty jealous!

    1. Thanks Emily! Oh your so kind, still getting used to it myself! xx