8 September 2014

Cat in the Bag

I have been wanting a pair of boyfriend jeans for as long as I can remember. Are they called boyfriend jeans because boys wear them? Is it because they are looser and are more comfy on? I dunno, what do you think? I picked up my first pair in Zara when I went to Paris last year and I LOVED them until my butt grew and I couldn't fit into them anymore. I have been looking for my perfect pair ever since and I think I might have just found them...

They are such a great fit, although probably could have went up a size. Your thinking....nah where are they from!!? Primark ovbssssss. I am a bargain lady like everyone else and if I see a good buy then its in my basket. 

I am sooooooo for minimal style right now which you will see a lot of bloggers channelling at the moment. It's easy because you don't need to worry about what goes with what. I know a lot of girls really struggle with putting outfits together and it shouldn't be difficult at all. Take a step back and go as basic as possible. If you stick with block colours it will enable you to create a really fresh look. I started changing my wardrobe into mostly grey, black, cream and white. This may be boring to a lot of people but it makes it much easier. 

I paired the jeans with a cream(see through) jumper from Zara, cream mac from H&M and shoes/bag also from Primark. I don't have prices for everything but they are not dear at all! 

Ps how adorable is my cat bag? I have seen several bloggers with different types of cat bags and I was green with jealousy!!!! Until I popped into Primark last week and spotted this. I have 3 cats and I try really REALLY hard to evolve my life around cats. Soz no soz.


  1. All kinds of love for that bag! I need to get to Primark!

    1. I agree (i even got a matching purse) shhhh :)