29 September 2014

Personal Improvements


This is my little go to area of my room. I don't live in a big fancy house or have endless amounts of money which means my space is limited. These types of spaces are my favourite. At the moment I am trying really hard to focus on myself and have a really clear mind. In order for me to achieve these things then a cute dressing table and clothes rail helps me have some order in my life. 

Being a huge bargain hunter I am always on the look out for the next treat. This week I'm featuring grey snake print boots. Who by? Silly question if you already follow my blog. Primark have came up with the goods, again! The story behind it is..

Shopping recently in Zara - I was lusting over everything as usual! I came across some beautiful grey suede boots in the sale reduced to 30 quid. I had no idea wether to get them or not (hadn't seen the Primark boots yet). Such a good reduction but I still was on a budget and at 30 quid this means I couldn't spend anything else. I decided to leave them be and if I got them at a later date then it was meant to be. 

Later on in the day I done my usual wander into Primark. I can usually be in and out quite quick as I tend to be able to spot things I like pretty sharp. Off I went looking in the shoe aisle and a little squeal popped out much to my boyfriends amusement. I was almost a little confused. Didn't I just see these in Zara? SO similar yet HALF the price. Only 14 quid. YES this was my day. I fell in love and went home a happy girl!. 

Boots - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Top - Zara
Jacket - Primark

Talking personal improvements. Blogging is constantly making me aware of my surroundings, my beliefs in myself and knowing that it's totally ok to want to improve yourself. For example, Grammar as we all know - I'm pretty rubbish at it and I can't really write for shit. I have loads to learn but I have never told myself that this has to be my main focus. I want you dolls to be able read/look at my blog knowing that I am totally on the same wave length. I totally get it. I'm just your average gal trying to give myself a little hobby, which turns out to be something I'm super passionate about. 

Make sure you are your main focus, priority and number one. Never forget that you are your own person.

23 September 2014

They say my lip gloss be poppin..

The other week I was asked along to review the new No7 Match Made lipstick service in Boots, Glasgow Fort. I have always been a fan of No7 beauty products! The quality and pricing is fab so you know your in for a treat!

The idea is to match the best lipstick to your skin tone.
Step 1 - Select your No7 match made foundation stage
Step 2 - Select a lipstick colour family
Step 3 - Select the lipstick colour you would like to try
Step 4 - Your lipstick result

I sat on the chair and Laura-Lee (colour expert) spoke me through the process. She was lovely, really informative and put me at ease. I had a little panic as it dawned on me that someone else is going to be picking my lip colour!? I realised that I play it super safe when it comes to lipstick. I guess I never really thought about it before, pop to the shops and you don't even question your usual colour buy. I tend to go with nudes, mocha and brown tones. They are safe and they make me feel comfortable. I have always thought they complimented my skin tone. What's your fave lipstick colour?

After a little machine thing picking my skin tone, Laura then proceeded to show me my colour options. I felt the colour drain from me slightly.. PINK. PINK? Are you sure? Is there not any other colours. Laura pointed out that stepping out of your comfort zone in makeup is something everyone should try! You never know how it will make you feel and she was right. 

I tried out a few colours in my match and knew straight away that I preferred a more matte base. Shiny or glossy annoys me. Especially having such long hair it causes all sorts of hair stuck on face problems. I asked Laura's opinion on what she thinks is best and I went with it. Even though it is pink.. It's the perfect pink I could ever get for my skin tone, which is pretty good if you ask me. 

I went for Pink - Blushing Rose 355.

I would highly recommend popping into your local Boots store and asking for No7's match made lipstick service. It's a totally different makeup experience and really focuses in on what will suit you best! I was helped by Laura to step outside my comfort zone and I can't wait to wear my fab new lipstick out. What colour would you shy away from? 

Check out Boots website for the No7 help guide - Boots

My beautiful photographer for the evening Naomi - Follow her on Instagram @naomimccann22

21 September 2014

I've got a cute face, chubby waist.

Theres been a lot of things on my mind recently and one of them is getting myself back to number one priority. I had become very unhappy about my image and how I was feeling in my body. I haven't been comfortable in myself probable since I shot for Nuts magazine in 2011. Being 18, looking like a teenager and having no desire to wear any clothes meant I had no problems with my body. I was always a on/off gym goer which made me think I could eat what I wanted. Four years later and from a size 6 to a 10, I wasn't quite in the same frame of mind. 

I have always promised myself (ever since I can remember) if I became really really unhappy with my body then only I can do something about it. No one else is shoving beef mcoys down my throat. I have no excuse and with a recent wave of free time from now until the next couple of years, I felt this was the perfect time. 

I also haven't just decided right lets buy a waist trainer and eat whatever the fuck I want. I'm combining this with diet, exercise, teatox and supplements that I was sent a few weeks back. A good mixture of things. For the people who I have came across and have the mindset of.. what are you talking about? you don't need to loose weight? you don't know what its like to be bigger! bla bla shite. You know yourself when things aren't going right and you should never shy away from your health which I have for a long time. I'm also not trying to loose weight. I'm trying to beat the bloat!!! Like many of us, the result of eating what you want creates a small bloat on your tummy and its a fucking nightmare. With all the above, I am confident I will finally beat it.

If I am going to do something, yae have to do it right. I'm no gona lie..I'm going to Australia in January and if there's ever a reason to sort your body oot then this is the reason!!

I bought this off Ebay for just under 50 quid. I would STRONGLY advise you not to do this as 98% of them are fake and will not fit you correctly. I got mines of a specific retailer and basically got lucky. There are loads of online retailers who do the proper ones. Pricey - yes. However, effective. If you are serious about waist training then expect to pay about 60-70 quid for a good one. Google an online retailer or drop me a message and I can point you in the right direction. 

The idea of the waist trainer is - 
"Info from fab online retailer www.waistshaperuk.com
This workout band is to be worn anytime you are going to be active, this can be a gym workout, power walk or even if you have an active lifestyle day to day - let it add an impact to your healthy lifestyle routine. It creates a compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity and ramping up perspiration. This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin whilst mobilising fat cells. This is an excellent product for any gym lover. It helps increase definition in the stomach, accelerates weight loss and can even help to get back to your pre-baby best!
Benefits – Loss of inches – Corrects posture – Stimulates perspiration"

Week 1 
Firstly when I took it out the packaging, I did think to myself - "omg this is fucking tiny, NO WAY this is fitting me". I had to get my mum to help me get it on the first hooks which was hilarious. Walking about my room was just too much. I couldn't bend down, sit down or do anything really. Driving on the first day was a difficult one as I had to adjust my seat so it was completely straight (I also had a giggle about this). As a couple of days went on I started to get used to it. A few people have asked if it's sore. Not sore for me but I did find it quite uncomfortable under my boobs as I usually wear mesh or material bras with no padding or wiring. I soon learned I had to go back to my 18 year old ways and push my TATAS up the way so they never got squished. Also can be a bit rubbing at the bottom of the  corset so always make sure your pants are on the outside (on top of the corset) or it will squish your pants into your hips and you will get well sore pant lines.

You also notice how bad your posture really is. I could put money on if you were to try this out you will realise your posture was shit before. It's kinda like having a broom up your butt all day. Surprisingly you do get used to, after 3 and a half days I moved it onto the 2nd hooks! Could not believe it!!  It is a good inch apart on each hook. I didn't feel I looked or felt any different although it must be working.

This was after 9 days, as you can see there was a difference and was on the 3rd hooks. I had lost an inch and was now waist 26 inchs.

Week 2 

I started wearing the trainer on the 3rd hooks and I could feel a huge difference in comfort. It was really tight and I did wonder if it was too early for me to wearing it on the 3rd hooks.  I also noticed the rubbing under my bra and around the edges were becoming  really uncomfortable. I unfortunately  had to stop wearing it over the weekend due to serious illness in my family and the last thing on my mind was putting on my waist trainer. As my week 2 is coming to an end on tuesday, Im going to see if I can actually get it back onto hook 3 if not I will go back to hook 2. There really is no space for days off if you want changes. 

In future I will be purchasing the non sports version which is much more firmer and better if you are not at the gym (example - going to work etc).

Keep an eye out for my progress posts. I will keep you all informed! What do you think? Will you try one?

17 September 2014

The Granite City

I was a tourist in Aberdeen at the weekend and I totally fell in love. What a beautiful city. My boo and I done loads!! Shopping of course (purchases will be shown at a later date), lunch, dinner, drinks, beaching, fun fair, ice-cream! You name it - we did it.

Heres my weekend..

Caution photo heavy..

Shoes, Jeans, T-shirt - Primark
Jacket - H&M
Bag, Glasses - Newlook

Top - H&M
Skirt - Primark (5 quid!!)


11 September 2014

Uh-huh, honey

My beautiful friend and I were through in Glasgow this week and done some OOTD's for you. Follow Alana on Instagram @bellapronto

Wearing: Shoes/Skirt/Top - Primark(skirt was 2 quid!!!!) 
Bag and jacket - Zara

9 September 2014

I see you nailed it

I have a (2 in one) beauty review for your lil eyes to read today. I was sent some products from The Body Shop in Fort Kinnaird to try out and let all you beauty heads know what they are like.  Guinea pig coco.. 

Smokey 2 in 1 Gel Eye Liner* (10 quid)

Create infinite looks for eyes and brows with this innovative new 2-in-1 Smoky Gel Liner. With silky Community Fair Trade marula oil and ultra-dark pigments for an intense depth and finish.
  • For both eyes and brows
  • 12 hour long-lasting formula
  • Intense colour
First of all like 90% of girls - I can't put on eye liner for shit. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I'm just not blessed with the 'steady hand'. There for a GEL liner seemed like a good option. The teenie brush it comes with has a really good edge and made it easier to apply. It was a nice clean brush stoke and was not messy at all. 

  • True to their word - it lasts ages and even if I have wiped my eyes it never budged!! which is fab expesh if you get itchy eyes. 
  • You hardly need to use any on the brush so it will last for months!
  • They say it would be good for your brows, which I don't disagree but for me I have light hair and black brows would look terrible on me! I would maybe try the brown if you wanted a lighter brow look. Unless you can pull off dark brows then lucky you!! go for it. It would create a really strong shape!!
Rate - 8/10


COLOUR CRUSH® Nail colours* (5 quid)

Do you want instant happiness at your fingertips? Meet the NEW Colour Crush™ Nails range. With a rainbow of 26 uplifting, colourful shades inspired by nature, this range feels as good for your soul as it does on your nails.
  • 26 feel-good shades
  • Nail-loving formula
  • 100% vegan
  • Quick-dry, high gloss finish
I love nail polish like the next girl and I tend to not fall for the 'lasts 10 days' or '2 secs dry' bla bla. Also I work a lot with my hands (typing etc) and I have a really bad habit of playing with my nails. Which then means nail polish doesn't really stand a chance with me. I love nail varnish but it doesn't like me. This led me to be really pleasantly surprised by The Body Shop's range. They are such little under dogs!! They don't have any false promises and are so very clear with what is to be expected. 

I tried 120 Relish The Moment - 6.8ml shade 22108. 

It went on like velvet and had an amazing sheen, with a total pop of colour! The real test was to see how long it lasted. 3 DAYS for me!!!! You don't realise how good that is for me with my constant picking. For ladies who leave their nails be then I highly recommend. Such a surprise!

  • 100% VEGAN - ehhh amazing.
  • Super shiny!
  • Lasts a good amount of time.
  • Made my nails feel stronger.
  • Went on nice and easy.
  • Loads of colour options.
  • Great price.
  • Struggling to find a con on this one. I like to write CONS as I think its honest but didn't come across anything I didn't like = WINNER 
Rating - 10/10

Thanks to The Body Shop @ Fort Kinnaird - Fabby products! Well worth the try :)

Coco made her do it is a PR friendly blog. This means that from time to time I am sent products or items to try out and consider for a review or post. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never feature something on Coco made her do it that I didn't truly love or believe in or like. I am always very honest with my readers just as I expect others to be with me. If I have been sent something by a company it will be marked with a (*) so that you are aware and can keep track if you wish. If you are a PR and would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me: cocofindlay@gmail.com