31 August 2014

The Glasgow Wedding Collective

Refreshing my emails like I do, I was delighted when an invite popped up to attend The Glasgow Wedding Collective. When I say delighted, I mean ECSTATIC. The reason for my overload of excitement.. yeah you've guessed it. I'm a wedding whore. Anything that screams romance, lace and church bells - I'm interested. Ever since I was of age (to know what it means to marry the love of your life) I was obsessed. I dream of the day I get married and the whole idea of the 'can't live without each other kinda love'. I'm very fortunate to receive such an invite -  I really love embracing this type of event. 

The lovely Lisa from Palompo PR got in touch and of course I said I would attend. Here's a snippet from The Glasgow Wedding Collective website which is spot on - 

"The aim of the Glasgow Wedding Collective is to handpick and bring together a selection of exciting, independent and vintage style wedding suppliers handpicked from throughout Scotland. We wanted to create somewhere for couples to find like-minded top quality companies who pride themselves in their creativity and are usually found more off the beaten wedding track. The GWC showcases all that’s good and unique in the industry and give brides a chance to create a day in their own individual style. Our range of suppliers not only compliment each other beautifully but having collaborated on many a wedding together they create the best possible service & styling team’s around."

The venue was beautiful. The lighthouse - Glasgow is a fantastic place to hold such an event. 

For anyone looking for out the box wedding ideas then you totally need to hit up this type of event. It's quirky and oozes freshness. 

Ok let's cut to the fashion. First of all I would LOVE to point out - I made a huge fashion poo poo. Let me explain.. I recently went on a hippie phase and got my ears pierced, I know crazy. Anyway I ended up giving myself 2nd degree burns on my ears because I sprayed a can of Savlon too close. Not advised folks. Anyhoo I turned up to The lighthouse and my ears were about to fall off. I had planned on wearing my pretty boots but instead opted for flip flops, which btw are my everyday footwear (but you don't need to know that). I was in a a stupid amount of pain so I could not even deal with heals. yay. (They are healing btw)

First of all - When I get married .. It will be in a vintage dress. Shown above. LOVE.

Secondly - I will most defiantly have these two beauty's in attendance. What a lovely, exciting and beautiful partnership this is. They have my dream job with the most fantastic IDEAS. Behold The Bygone Photo Booth Company. Please check out their Facebook page and you will totally get what I'm talking about. Love love love.

Other than a cool drawn bear and THE BEST CAKES IN THE WORLD. Thirdly - I love you and I want to eat these every day in my life forever. Thanks 

Here's the full ensemble - My beautiful blouse is from Next, One of the items I picked with my prize moneys. Leather trousers from Primark. Bag - Karen Millen. Flips flops are a quid.. 

My pal Naomi - gorg.

Some stunning drinks that I couldn't have cause my ears were going to explode. Apparently they were delicious. I had water.

My lovely friend Naomi and I playing with props.

Blogger Amanda from Honey pop kisses  styling this beautiful model. She explained why she had chosen this vintage look. In love with these flowers.

Blogger Claire from Bee Waits styling her model. Beautiful look. Little blue rainbow drop so she is - wuv.

This look was styled by Blogger Lucy from Florals and Corals

Blogger Sheri from Forever yours Betty styling her model in pretty pink.


FAVE bloggers.

The lovely Lisa from Palompo PR

Oh and I got to make my own name bag!! YAY to tags. Had such a lovely night, it was cut short due to my stupid ears but totally loved it!! 


  1. Hello! :) I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award!
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  2. Absolutely beautiful photos, I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog