16 August 2014

#OOTD - I'm so fancy..


We all need a classic, fancy wee outfit don't we? The type you can put on and feel like you have 20 quid in your pocket. I was going for a cute wee pub dinner and wanted a cute wee dinner ootfit. 

I picked this jacket up from a pop up vintage store in Edinburgh and it was a bargain for about £25!. This jacket has been featured  before but I LOVE it. Now it's practically Autumn, I knew I had to dig this baby out. Expesh now in Scotland it's freezing. With an over sized blazer you tend to find it creates a smarter look. If it's on the tight side it can easily look a bit  cheap and it would take a really super nice blazer to convince me to buy it!

I paired this beauty with indigo, skinny, high waist-ed jeans from Primark (which by the way is my new fave). I am sooooo convinced that a high waist-ed jean is so much more flattering. It takes away the fear of that dreaded muffin top which most jeans create for us girls. As they are a soft stretch type denim they just hug your hips in the most dreamy way!

My cami top is from ASOS which I got 2nd hand on Ebay for like a fiver! It's one of these tops that is a key piece in my wardrobe and I will never get rid of! I never got a picture of the back but its spaghetti straps with a cross over back. Very sexual indeed.

Then of course my patent nude heels from ZARA. Forever reliable and beautiful. Classic shoe of course. Probs slightly wrecked but I'm no geeing a feck. To finish it off my stunning Karen Millen bag which will be more than featured over the next coming months.

OVB what's the most classic dinner to go with your classic outfit?
CLASSIC STEAK PIE N CHIPS AE? All washed doon with a glass of red. 



  1. Love this! Making steak pie and chips classy :) I love your handbag too, might have to invest in one myself. X


  2. Lovely vintage blazer! What a keeper x