28 August 2014

Grey hair don't care

I gots me some new hair didn't I? When you have had jobbie brown hair all your life, it can test your patience. I mean your used to the brown hair, it's safe and natural. Your the girl your partner can take home to meet the folks, the girl who looks great with a tan and the girl who never takes risks. I have always envied the girls who are really creative with their hair. Especially blonde's who seem to suit every hair colour under the sun. I have always wanted to play about with colours in my hair and not even think twice about it. I came across this stage in my life were brown hair was just now doing it for me anymore. Not only was it boring but I felt it didn't represent who I am or what I'm about anymore.

I had a few problems though that I felt I had to over come..

  1. I was stuck in the Essex generation where big, wavy and beautiful hair was only acceptable.
  2. The place I live is so far from city life, where everyone and everything is accepted. 
  3. My own self esteem lacked and like a lot of people were very nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone.
I then came to the conculusion that if I was able to forget all the hurdles and do the whole 'Do what makes you happy' then I could finally concur a new hair do. Which is exactly what I had done. SO I have gotten over all my hurdles and I am ready to open my mind to the wonderful world of colourful hair. My first step was to find something I liked. Que inspiration below....

First of all how unbelievably HOT are the Brooke twins? They have the most incredible hair colours. I was in love. I was also very conscious of not coping anyone because I understand how frustrating it can be. You dye your hair to be different not to look like everyone else. Which led me to GREY.

Grey? Grey hair? Surely no, it's so old and ageing and FABULOUS. Before I knew it I had instagramed every grey haired gal about!! I didn't know anyone that had it and instantly wanted it on my heed!. After consulting with a few hairdressers, I soon learned this was going to be a big job. Most hairdressers wouldn't touch it. It's expensive, time consuming and risky. Not only would they lose out on money doing it but there would be no guarantee my hair would even take!. 

Until I consulted with my fabulous new friend Aoife Pomphrett from Wonderland Salon in Livingston. We have a lot of mutual friends so it was very much done as a ONE OFF. I'm afraid unless you were thinking about investing you would need to find another stylist but none the less she was incredible. The amount of work she put into it, ensuring it was all technically perfect was amazing.

Aoife works in Wonderland  and my god I could not recommend this salon enough. I'm not usually a big lover of salons. They can be a quite intense and uncomfortable environment. Also with me having jobbie brown hair, I never really thought to maintain it that much and was not in a salon that often. Wonderland changed my mind!! 

From their Facebook page..


Wonderland in Livingston is a premium service hair and beauty salon. Beautiful hair, an enchanted experience - enriched with quality.
visit www.wonderlandlivingston.co.uk for more information
Wonderland hair and beauty salon located in Livingston. A stones throw from the centre with private parking. We focus on creating your experience. Our team are creative, dynamic, passionate and well educated in hair and beauty. You can book online at www.wonderlandlivingston.co.uk or feel free to use our visual hair planner for an online consultation.
I arrived at Wonderland and was straight away greeted by the super friendly staff. My jacket was taken and I was asked to take a seat in their waiting area. Stunning to say the least, it reminded me of a really chic apartment in Amsterdam. Really refreshing. When I sat down with the stylist, I was informed that I had an array of head and hand massages that was included with my hair make over. Too many to mention but what a surprise! I was also offered every flavour of tea in the world! They also have a special tea that gets brought in to tingle your tastebuds. Not only was the salon so on point but the staff were waiting on me hand and foot, ensuring my visit was nothing short of perfect. 

I was in all day with Aoife as it was a huge job but what an amazing job she done. She is such a credit to the salon and I couldn't recommend her enough. Wonderland is going over and above any expectations you may have of a hair and beauty salon. To top it off they were recently nominated as a finalist for The British Hairdressing Buisness Awards 2014. Doesn't surprise me at all, the creative team who own the salon are extremely talented. I wish you guys all the best in London!!

My hair journey...

The final look..


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  1. I love grey hair, so unique and looks fabulous on you. Go girl!

    Meena | Meena Means Me