6 August 2014

41 things that happen when dealing with a mental health illness

I have been wanting to write a mental health related post for a while now and never really knew when was the best time to start writing. I never really knew how to approach it. It wasn't until I came across journalist Hannah Gale whom has given me some inspiration and is my new fave!

Dealing with a mental health illness is exhausting, time consuming and for me pretty darn shit. Wether your dealing with your own demons or living with someone who is, then you may be able to relate. 

Would I write a super serious blog post? I wasn't sure, untill I realised that's not really what I'm about. Even though my problems are serious, I tryed my best to write a light hearted post. After all your mental health should not dictate who you are but only a small part of your current situation. 

This in no way will relate to everyone. But for me, a 22 year old girl who is forever up and down. This very much relates to me. 

1. Nearly everyone will say to you at some point in your life 'you look absalouty fine'.

2. You will forever feel like you have to justify yourself and how you feel. 

3. When you say your not really feeling up to it, you really mean - you can't at all under any circumstances do it. 

4. You struggle to brush your teeth and shower let alone go to work.

5. You give yourself little tasks to do to get out the house like 'I will get ready and go to the shop today' just so you feel a little bit normal.

6. When your feeling numb there's really no way of getting out of it. Just cuddle us and feed us wine.

7. You don't want to burden the people around you with your problems so you forever ask how they are and how their life is going. 

8. Smiling becomes the easiest thing in the world.

9. Saying your skint to get out of events is easier than saying I feel like I want to die so I'm not coming. 

10. You feel like you should do a Britney moment in the bath because that's what you do when your sad right?! 

11. In actual fact baths are so shit because that's just an excuse to sit and think even more.

12. Social media is great fun for making your life look perfect. A perfect escape from what is actually happening.

13. When people ask so 'how's things?' Your automatic response is 'yeah I'm ok how's u?'.

14. People will be more than happy to give you life advise even though they have no idea what they are talking about. 

15. Friends will continue on with their life even though you secretly want them to drop everything to make sure your ok.

16. You may question if your actually making everything up.

17. If your mums ran out of chocolate spread to put on your toast, you probs will cry. 

18. You wonder if your partner really does think your crazy. 

19. Work places will get suspicious when you've been off a certain amount of time. A broken leg takes a certain amount of time to heal so OVB that applies to your mental health aswell. 

20. If you get reffered to a therapist, it will more than likely take at least a year to see someone.

21. If You'v not spoke to a doctor before about how you feel, you get worried incase if you do that they might admit you to hospital. 

22. You visit your therapist for the first time and you feel worse, a lot worse.

23. You've been given new pills be that antidepressants or mood stabilizers etc you take them for 2 days and wonder why you don't feel like Kanye west yet.

24. Someone cancels their plans with you so you automatically assume they hate you and never want to see you again.

25. When you learn new techniques in therapy you feel obliged to tell everyone about them cause they are super interesting. 

26. One of your pals have just finished a degree in phycology so you of course ask them for a diagnosis. 

27. You may find at a party someone will have a laugh and say 'you've had one to many cocktails haha' when in actually fact you haven't even had one but you've just hit a major low. 

28. You wonder if you'll ever make it back to work again.

29. Any forms of public transport will make you think 1000x more.

30. You become extremely defensive of anyone who is dealing with a mental health problem. 

31. Someone in your family will probably suggest you start a hobby. 

32. Lows always happen at the worst times. Birthday, holidays, summer all the good stuff. 

33. You feel really bad when you dread a week full of exciting activites. 

34. Feeling 23,456 different emotions in the space of ten minutes is completely normal for you. 

35. You will deffiantly say at some point 'it's really hard to explain' 

36. Your boy pals are extremely senstive about the word 'depression' and god forbid if they admit they are suffering. 

37. When you hear 'personality disorder' you automatically think well my personality is sound. 

38. I will buy new things. Shoes, chocolate and a huge bottle of lucozade because it will make me feel better for maybe 4 minutes. 

39. You will be faced with a lot of presumptions from people that if you are out doing something and your not crying in your bed then you must be feeling much better. 

40. Your awareness for mental health stigma and discrimination will be at an all time high.

41. It becomes very very apparent how many people are extremely uneducated when it comes to mental health. 


  1. I loved reading this .. :) great job Nicole :)

  2. Hi Nicole, I really like your blog and I have nominated you on the Liebster Award. Go check out my latest blog post for more info :)

  3. Very brave post! As someone who has suffered from issues with mental health it's so good to hear people talking about it and making it less of a 'taboo' topic.

    Just started following you too! x


  4. Interesting post. You make some great points :-).
    Vix x